Weekly Comic Review 3/9/11

Not a bad week overall. A few titles that are getting lame but there are some good ones in the mix. As usual, beware the spoilers. (Tho there are a couple I’ve refused to spoil.)

Batman Incorporated #3 – Batman heads to Buenos Aires to try to recruit El Gaucho to be the next new Batman. (Points to El Gaucho for the mustache.) The foreign hero isn’t interested but who knows where the next part of the storyline will lead to. And he doesn’t believe Batman is really Bruce Wayne because…? Personally, I think he looks better in the costume he’s in than another Batman one.

Birds of Prey #10 – With Oracle’s apparent death, the Birds of Prey escape their captors. Barbara Gordon gets ready to restart her information career under her own new rules letting everyone but the Batman crew believe she’s dead.

JSA All-Stars #16 – The All-Stars fight the bad guys as Roxy shows up to defeat them with violin music played with the body of Arthur Pemberton’s daughter. In a flash forward to the 853rd century, we see she’s still in the body.

Justice League – Generation Lost #21 – The group hangs out and argues over their path (or makes out, depending on the pair) until… yeah, you guessed it… Blue Beetle comes back to life. Like we didn’t all see that coming

Legion of Super-Villains #1 – The Saturn Queen pulls together a new Legion of Super-Villains. Lightning Lord is part but Cosmic King isn’t. The new crew sets out on a major endeavor that deals with the Rock of Eternty, Oa, and some other place yet to be revealed. No clue as to what this is all leading to and what the blue flames are all about. Plus, is it me, or is the Saturn Queen even bitchier and psychotic than usual?

Superboy #5 – Suoerboy vs Kid Flash to see who is fastest. I’ll leave this one for you to find out the winner. It’s a decent story, talking things over and such. Only a few frame progression on the Psionic Lad storyline with cameos by the other Teen Titans and the Phantom Stranger.

Titans #33 – The Titans go off on a dangerous mission leaving Osiris behind to deal with Isis. The Atom finds out Deathstroke killed Ryan Cho (Ray’s replacement as the Atom). Most importantly, Slade gets his ass thoroughly kicked. Supposedly there’s a hint to another character appearing soon (read the letter page) but I don’t see it.

Zatanna #10 – The puppet storyline continues and we find out that, yes, the puppet is a bad guy. Oops! Not good to lead an evil puppet into a house of magical trinkets. The last page leaves us (and Zatanna) hanging with a “The End…?” tag. Somehow, I don’t think they’d leave Zatanna in the mess she’s in. Plus, Brother Night is making a move again and she needs to take him on.

The top 3 this week are Titans, Zatanna, and…. Hmmmm… Hard to really pick a 3rd one. Either Batman Incorporated (which reminds me of the old Kids Incorporated show I watched as a kid) or Superboy. Neither is spectacular but they aren’t bad either.

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