Weekly Comic Review for 7/24/13

Due to job hunting and other personal stuff, I’ve been busy lately. I was hoping to get this posted before the new books came out but at least I’m only getting it up a couple days later.

Batman/Superman #2 – A time displaced Batman shows up in a future Batcave where he runs into Catwoman. This is confusing enough until he sees a wedding picture of himself and her. Then we’re back to The young Superman dealing with seeing his parents who thought were dead when the modern Kal shows up. One of the best lines comes up here when Kal the younger says “You sonofa — ” and then Martha shows up and says “I don’t think you’d better finish that sentence.” We also get to see Lois and Wonder Woman as we learn more about the mischievous spirit who is behind this whole situation. Very interesting but confusing issue.

Bloodshot #13 – Harbinger Wars – As the event comes to an end, we get to see Bloodshot stuck in his head — literally. Bloodshot takes on the Renegades and then Harada but doesn’t end up in very good shape. As we move on to a 0 issue, Kara moves on as well with a briefcase of money Bloodshot had stored away and pointed her to. Everything is changing with this title.

Constantine #5 – Trinity War tie-in – Branching off from the events in Justice League Dark, Constantine takes Shazam away from the rest of the heroes. While away, he tricks Billy into turning mortal and then steals his powers. Billy gets his powers back and Constantine loses a lot more than his powers. This leads to a reunion with Chris, the dead psychic from issue #1. (Glad to see he’s back and wasn’t just a throw away.) We also find out that if Shazam gets Pandora’s Box, things will get really messy.

Harbinger #14 – Harbinger Wars – In this issue, we get some more details on what actually happened in Vegas as well in the past. We see Zephyr get controlled and then expand on her powers and save the day. We find out the truth about Carter and the olden days of PRS as well as what happened to Harada after that. The Renegades made it away but weren’t able to save the kids from Harada. Overall, I expected a lot more in the end. The olden days stuff has been more interesting.

Justice League Dark #22 – Trinity War part 3 of 6 – The teams try to figure out what to do with Superman. Amanda Waller has Firestorm trying to make Kryptonite. Some of the science types are checking over Dr. Light. Superman gets out and then Phantom Stranger and the Justice League Dark show up as the three teams take their sides on how to deal with all this. Lots of battling but where’s the real storyline. It’s part 3 with a few tie-ins and what has really happened?

Scarlet Spider #19 – Wolverine and Kaine are caught by Red Death. It seems she is really one of the Externals from the X-Men’s past. Yes, the Externals. Many people have probably never heard of the Externals but I was SO happy to hear this mentioned. (Who out there remembers that Cannonball is an External and is immortal?) After some fighting her just to stay alive, it seems she isn’t all the immortal any more. (Belladonna was the only one backing Red Death.) And then it’s back to the X-Mansion to save Beast from Araceley who seems to be annoying the hell out of him. (I think we need to see more of that.)

Teen Titans #22 – It’s Robin, Beast Boy, and Raven vs. all the Trigon controlled Titans. Somehow, Gar is now acting like the old Gar Logan even though he was nothing like that the “day before” when he was with the Ravagers. After taking down Trigon (a little too easily), the Titans head back to the boat with Beast Boy and Raven in tow. (Someone from the future and another dimension do clean up for some unknown reason.) Which side is Raven actually playing though? She reveals what Robin did with Wonder Girl and Solstice which caused some real problems with Kid Flash. Tho a portal opens and he’s kidnapped. What is actually going on in here any more???

Young Avengers #8 – The team starts jumping through dimensions, some of which are a little weird. Somewhere along the line, Noh-Varr grew a beard too. (Yes, I think it looks good.) Some of the team gets separated when they run into the parasite mother in the blank white dimension. This leads to one of the most unexpected kisses. This could get interesting. That was the best part of the book as the rest was a bit bland.

This week has a lot of weirdness. For a top 3, I think I’m going to go with Batman/Superman, Constantine, and Scarlet Spider. It was a bit tough to pick but I decided that I was going to pick issues that had something that caught my eye even if the issues themselves weren’t spectacular.

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