Weekly Comic Review for 6/5/13

After a busy weekend, I’m back. Lots to write about, but so little free time.

All-New X-Men #12 – Cyclops the Younger get to meet the grown-up version of his brother who now runs a team of Avengers. The other X-Men argue over the presence of the Scarlet Witch in the Avengers, especially after they learn her role in what happens to the future, especially Jean Grey who reads Wanda’s mind. After what Jean becomes (or even what she’s becoming in this title), I don’t think she’s one to say anything at all. Meanwhile, Lady Mastermind and Sabretooth discuss Mystique and what she’s really up to while the X-Men try to figure out the same thing.

Archer & Armstrong #10 – Our favorite bumbling duo gets to Area 51 where, not only are there aliens, but also Archer’s doubly possessed sister, Mary Maria. Half the fun of the issue is watching Archer’s parents bicker in Mary Maria’s head. As a tie in to the 0 issue, the groups gets sucked through a wormhole into the Faraway. The next issues previewed “Brady Bunch” cover is a good sign that things will continue to be just as goofy.

Avengers Arena #10 – We start off with a literally disarmed Nico crawling across the snow towards a broken Staff of One. We then jump back to the battle with Apex who it seems can control not just Deathlocket and the Sentinel, but the Darkhawk armor as well. This can’t be good… especially for Nico who may be getting her own red X on her picture after this issue. (I’m still trying to figure out why I keep buying a title that’s all about just killing off characters for the heck of it. You know… I would love to get control of this book for a few issues, toss Spider-Man, Hulk, Captain America, and a few others on the Island and get them killed and then see what Marvel’s take on this title is. UGH!

Dial H #13 – For a change, Roxie and Nelson are only bit characters in the title. The main character and narrator of the issue is Open-Window Man. Through him, we get to see his very Batman origin as well as learn more about the other characters and the dials. (Each of the characters are touched by them somehow and each one is different.) We even find out that Boy Chimney was Open-Window Man’s partner. All of this takes place while he talks to a kid who is part of… get this… a race of living graffiti. It’s actually a pretty touching issue and one of the better ones of the series.

Earth 2 #13 – Stepping out of the pages of the title’s annual, we get to see more of Captain Steel and the yet to be named Batman clone. We start off with the history and origin of Steel as he heads off on a solo mission before going to join the battle against Steppenwolf. Then, the Bat wanna-be pops up in time to give Hawkgirl a helping hand. We will have to see where the future takes these 2 characters in terms of the team.

Green Lantern #21 – The new Guardians start checking out everything on Oa that they never got to check out while locked up. While they learn about what is going on, they put Hal Jordan in charge just in time for him to lead a not-so-winning battle against… Larfleeze? Talk about a blow to your ego!

Phantom Stranger #9 – Etrigan guest stars as the Phantom Stranger suffers in Hell to save his family. The Sin Eater wants revenge for the Stranger taking over his life. Once the Sin Eater feels he’s gotten what he wanted, he departs for Non and the Phantom Stranger learns he may have saved his family but it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s getting them back. As much of a fuddy duddy as he is, I’m not sure this is a bad thing for them. 😛 The only really interesting part of the issue is watching Terrance Thirteen beat himself up over stabbing the Stranger with the Spear of Destiny.

Shadowman #7 – I was able to pick up the 8 bit video game cover copy of this issue. (It’s a tie in to Valiant’s Harbinger Wars video game.) Darque is making his move on the Deadside while Samedi get’s Shadowman’s attention to, of all things, team up aganst Darque. Dox and Alyssa disagree but Jack goes his own way. In the end, Dox ends up making the really stupid move. I’m actually getting to like Jack. He’s not just being led around. He is thinking for himself whether it be for the best or not.

Son of Merlin #5 of 5 – I should have paid more attention. I never noticed the “of 5” part before. This is the last issue and I’m disappointed to see the title end. Simon gets the ring after fighting through the third element but the bad guys get Gwen. In the end, he has to make a choice on what he wants to do and what is most important to him. In the end, of course, the good guys win and the story is left open for a future storyline. I really hope that the continue from here. I would definitely get an ongoing title of this.

Stormwatch #21 – Lobo gets more involved as the Kollective (the freaks who played around with time) make their move. They use Jenny (who I can’t stand) to advance their plans which involve Lobo. I honestly couldn’t be less interested if it involved Cabbage Patch Kids. I’ll be glad when it’s over. I’m almost tempted it drop it even this close to the last issue.

Well, this week’s books are all over the spectrum in terms of quality. For a Top 3, I’ll go with Archer & Armstrong, Dial H, and Son of Merlin. When Dial H can make the top 3, that says a lot about the week.

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