Weekly Comic Review for 516/12

It’s almost time for this week’s books to get released. I took a nap after karaoke and now it’s time to get this done.

Avengers Academy #30 – It’s more Avengers vs X-Men shenanigans. Madison Jeffries, Hercules and Tigra hunt down Sebastian Shaw while the academy mutants try to figure out which side they are on. It may not matter after Shaw takes the 2 heroes down and finds all the kids unprotected by the base. I only the whiny mutants has followed directions.

Green Lantern Corps #9 – The Alpha War continues as the Alpha Lanterns show up to arrest John Stuart. John had to reveal what actually happened as he goes on trial and the verdict isn’t good.

Justice League #9 – This issue, we have some old guy named Mr. Graves who hunts down Steve Trevor to get to the Justice League to help him live. He starts out in a wheel chair and ends up in some sort of armor who who knows ho he is. Who knows where this is going. In the backup Shazam story, we get to see more about Billy Batson. We also see Dr. Sivana find a door that may lead to the power of Black Adam.

Legion of Super-Heroes #9 – The Dominators capture Brainiac 5 and Dream Girl. This causes Star Boy to quit the Legion to try to find her when the Legion aren’t allowed into Dominator space. We also get to see Gravity Kid again. His facial hair has become more standardized and he’s in an SP uniform instead of the sexy one he used to wear. But at least he’s still around. On top of that Duplicate Damsel mentions that there are more candidates in the wings.

Nightwing #9 – The Night of the Owls continues. We get to see more of Dick’s grandfather’s history. The battle continues on throughout the issue until the inevitable win for Nightwing occurs. I’m sure a lot of this would fit a bigger picture if I read the other Batman family titles.

Shade #8 of 12 – This is a times past story going back to 1901. We get to meet one of Shade’s grandchildren (who he just happens to run into) who happens to be be quite adventurous socially and sexually (drugs, boys, girls, etc.) which has mad him an exile from the family since he’s seeing a guy. The problem is that the guy is possessed by a demon. The Shade takes care of this and gets his descendant back with his family. Other than being about Shade’s family, I’m not sure what this story has to do with anything. It’s an enjoyable story though.

Not a bad week here. Legion of Super-Heroes, Nightwing, and Shade are the better half from this past week though.

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