Weekly Comic Review for 5/29/13

OK. After this one, I just have to finish reading this last week’s books and I’ll be caught up. This is a short week too.

Earth 2 Annual #1 – We saw Al Pratt survive the atomic attack and then we saw him appear as the Atom. In this annual, we find out what happened in between as he goes on a mission of his own. We also get to see Commander Steel, who was mentioned before, and get to seea new character in action based on the now deceased Batman. To make things better, we also get a brief introduction to this world’s Mister Miracle and Big Barda as we lead up to the battle with Steppenwolf.

Green Hornet Legacy #37 – As if last issue wasn’t enough, we get even more zombies this issue. Just to make things more interesting, we get the origin of the man behind it all. A man who calls himself Doctor Creepy who thinks he can make the city better.

Justice League of America #4 – Catwoman works to infiltrate the Secret Society as the JLA tries to get in on their own only to end up fight… the Shaggy Man!? OMG! They are really scraping the bottom of the barrel here. The Joker’s presence in the building means one member may not have made it out of the issue alive either. (Yeah, the team probably won’t lose anyone this early, but they have to have a cliff hanger of some type. One interesting tongue in cheek things was the Invisible Jet and it’s been labeled with the logo from the old “JLA” title. To top things off, there’s another Martian Manhunter back-up story where we find out why fire hurts him.

X-Men #1 – How many X-Men #1s is there going to be? The Marvel Now thing going on means we should have expected this one and, as usual, there’s multiple covers. I took the one that made the least sense, the Age of Apocalypse variant. This time it’s an all-girl group — Storm, Shadowcat, Rogue, Jubilee, Rachel, and Psylock, After the one title with mostly females, it’s not surprising to see one with all females. It’s a forced team trying to pick by gender instead of compatibility and not a mix I find very interesting. I’m not going for the second issue.

There were only 4 books this week so I’ll pic a top 2. Those would be the Earth 2 Annual and Justice League of America.

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