Weekly Comic Review 3/2/11

Another week down and another batch of comics to review. There are a few spoilers so just jump to the end if you just want to see my top choices.

Avengers Academy #10 – This issue mostly revolves around Veil and Hazmat. After bringing up Stamford in front of Speedball, Veil works to make amends. Giant Man brings Leech in to Help Hazmat get out and about without the need of her costume. Then the team heads to Stamford for a field trip which turns into quite a learning experience for them on a few levels. I think this is one of the better issues lately.

Brightest Day #21 – The heroes discover that Hawkman, Hawkgirl, and Aquaman are dead. The Martian Manhunter wins his battle on Mars and gets his white light reward only to be killed off too.

Charmed #7 – Paige and Leo investigate why Leo’s daughter has whitelighter powers.

Freedom Fighters #7 – The current storyline starts to move toward it’s end as the Freedom Fighters (led by Doll Man) find the vice-president. Firebrand falls in battle which leads to Uncle Sam’s return. I liked the character of Firebrand so I’m disappointed to see him killed off already. He brought an interesting counterpoint to the team on a lot of stuff.

Green Lantern #63 – This issue is a prologue to the War of the Green Lanterns. Yes, another storyline. A lot of the storylines have been good but I’ll really be glad when they just get into regular storylines that aren’t all drawn out. The New Guardians find the Book of the Black and some of Krona’s history is revealed. There’s a hint that there will only be 3 Earth Green Lanterns in the end. If this is true, I’d most like to see Guy go tho he’s got his own title now. so I don’t see that happening. Since it won’t be Hal either, I can only hope it’s John since I like Kyle too much.

Heroes for Hire #4 – This issue is all about Misty fighting through Puppet Master’s control. Not a bad issue but nothing too exciting.

Marvel Zombies Supreme #1 – OK. I think we’ve had enough Marvel Zombies. So, the question is why did I pick this up, right? I’ve always been a Squadron Supreme fan so I had to check it out. I thought maybe it was some alternate reality thing but it’s not. It’s Earth 616 but this aren’t the actual Squadron. It’s an experiment gone wrong in Project Pegasus. (Given all the messes that have happened there, I’m surprised they are allowed to keep running!) The zombies aren’t connected to the virus that brought things around the first time around but it’s still the regular contagious bite transfer that we had before. Plus, we get a guest appearance by… Battlestar? That’s the best they could do? It was a bit disappointing thought I’m glad they didn’t kill off the actual team.

Secret Six #31 – Scandal decides to finally use the “Get Out of Hell Free” card to bring back Knockout which leads to a fight between her and Ragdoll and the team heading to Hell to save the loser. Meanwhile, Scandal’s current girlfriend is left stood up and open for abduction. Scandal really should just appreciate the great girl she’s got.

Secret Warriors #25 – Yay! More backstory! (Yeah, that was sarcasm…) The story starts in 1961 and stays in the past. Still no Secret Warriors. They should just change the title to “Random Nick Fury Stories” because that’s all it’s become and I’m ready to just drop it. I started reading the book because the main team was interesting. If the titles main characters aren’t even going to be in it, it’s not worth reading.

So, after all that, do I even have a top 3? It was a pretty lackluster week really but I’ll do my best here. And the winners are… Avengers Academy, Freedom Fighters, and Green Lantern. Let’s hope this week’s books are better.

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