Weekly Comic Review for 3/27/13

I’ve been working on trying to get my pictures from Pride edited and I’ll post some up soon. In the meantime, here’s some comic reviews.

Green Hornet #1 – This book is about the 1940s Green Hornet. It links Britt Reid to the Lone Ranger. It’s the usual story of the Sentinel owner teaming up with Kato working to take down crime from the inside. It’s a good but traditional story by Mark Wade.

Guardians of the Galaxy #1 – Star-Lord and crew (along with Iron Man) start their new series. Peter meets up with his father at some alien bar. His father is some sort of king of the galaxy who tells Peter he has told everyone to stay away from Earth. This means the Badoon and others will be attacking it. In the midst of it all, Groot gets blown up. Rocket Raccoon saves a splinter of him which I assume he will be regenerated from. So far, the humor from Rocket Raccoon is the only reason I would pick this book up.

Red Lantern #18 – Wrath of the First Lantern part 8 – Due to the First Lantern, Atrocitus gets to find out what would have happened if the Manhunters hadn’t killed everyone on his planet. It turns out that he would have become a major slimeball. Since Atrocitus couldn’t decide to make history change him like that, he blames himself for the Manhunter attack. Meanwhile, Rancorr tries to have a “normal” life on Earth until Bleez intervenes.

Scarlet Spider #15 – The spider-ized Kaine takes on the Lobos. The story is narrated by Aracely’s thoughts as she starts remembering more from her past. The battle escalates until Kaine dismembers the Lobo brother and then goes after Aracely. She is able to get through to Kaine who becomes human again. Something is still going on and things with Aracely escalate as she starts showing more power. Plus, the Lobos are replaced and a team of bad guys are sent after Aracely and Kaine.

Teen Titans #18 – Another Requiem tie in following the death of Damian. It starts out with Tim being truly sad about the death. Then we get back the oddball Red Robin who is messing with the team. It makes me wonder if these are the same people. Tim get the team (including the returning Superboy) to take on the Suicide Squad while he one-ups Amanda Waller. To make matters worse, Trigon shows up.

X-Men Legacy #8 – David finds a new mutant who has the odd power of taking credit for things even if he didn’t do them. He hangs out in the dream plane with Ruth watching him and wondering how to influence him. (He’s after the oddball mutants that the X-Men don’t care about.) The personality that looks like Charles Xavier pops back up to save the day for one battle he has in the dream plane. It had a lot of memories and such from Charles. Something really weird is going on there.

Young Avengers #3 – Miss America comes to save Wiccan and Hulkling from Loki’s father and her own 2 mothers show up too. (I need to find out more about her history.) The 4 Young Avengers get caught by the parasite and crew so hopefully Hawkeye and her new Kree boy toy can save them and get this stupid storyline over.

Top 3? Really this week? OMG! This week wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either. It’s so hard to pick a top 3 because everything is mediocre. I think I’m actually going to cheat this week and say if you really want great books, save up your money for another week.

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