Weekly Comic Review for 6/24/15

We’ve got another week with not a lot of books to review. I won’t be around for a couple weeks but I’ll catch up after that.

Flash #41 – We pick up after the break-up with Barry living with Hartley. We also have Barry seeing his first glimpses of Professor Zoom as he battles a super-villain. Zoom is being very nefarious and has some definite plans before he makes his move on the Flash. Meanwhile, back in jail, Barry’s father breaks out with the help of Girder, Mogul, and Black Mold. No clue where this is leading or how it’s going to influence things.

Teen Titans #9 – The Teen Titans set up a hidden base to hide out in while they try to deal with Superboy’s problems. What’s the first thing they do? Let the cat out of the bag as to where they are. I guess spandex is so tight that people don’t have room for brains. Manchester Black sends his team after Superboy and they find the Titans’ location in no time. I’m still having problems with the New 52 incarnation of the Teen Titans. I also still want to know why Beast Boy is green instead of red now.

Venture #1 – I remember this character from way back so I thought I’d pick it up. I’m actually disappointed that it was just a reprint of a previous story. The fact that there is no cover price on the book wasn’t very impressive either. It’s more or less about some history teacher with long hair and some big powers. Not much else is really revealed but someone manages to get him on camera. I was really hoping there would be new stuff on him of a new take but the mention of a VCR in the issue really dates it and shows that nothing was updated.

We Are Robin #1 – Most of the issue follows a foster home kid named Duke Thomas. He’s pretty athletic and a good fighter but tends to get himself in trouble and doesn’t seem to fit in with the homes he’s put in. There’s a little bit of narrative from some of the Robins and whomever is behind this endeavor as they go to save Duke when he gets in trouble. Whoever is behind all of this has an interesting set-up including a whole big closet of Robin-inspired outfits, weapons, and utility belts. I’m not a fan of the Batman titles but this one has caught my eye for now. I’m on this for at least a couple more issues.

There’s only 4 books so I’m not doing a top 3, especially since there aren’t 3 I would recommend. I will toss Flash and We Are Robin in as a Top 2 for this group of titles.

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