Weekly Comic Review for 6/17/15

Very light comic load this week.

Doctor Fate #1 – It seems the Doctor Fate of New 52 Earth (even if “New 52” has been removed from the covers) is Khalid, just like on Earth 2. The difference this time is that he’s not the type of person to be found at an archeology dig or wherever you might find the helmet other than the museum where he was just given it. I was really hoping to see Kent Nelson, Hector Hall, Jared Stevens, or someone. Even the Kent from Countdown to Mystery. I’m not a fan of the art. I’m not sure what’s going on with the art in the new comics lately. (I didn’t even pick up Black Canary because of that.) I’m really disappointed in this book. I had high hopes but will probably not get any more of it.

Justice League of America #1 – This book is starting off with the original 7 members of the Justice League. (It still has Green Lantern despite what’s going on in the character’s title.) The main part of the issue revolves around the death of Superman and the destruction of the world in alternate timelines. The people who were studying this also seemed to have set the JLA up with letting loose the Parasite right at the point that the Krysptonian god Rao would appear. I’m not sure why the team needed a second book (and are labeling themselves bother with and without the “of America”) without some difference in the teams. At least the different X-Men titles had a variety of members through them.I have no clue what’s up with Rao and his giant sword (which I assume is a spaceship). I might check out the next issue and judge more from there but I’d really like to see more of a difference between the 2 titles.

Secret Six #3 – The group escaped from Mockingbird and is on their own and trying to blend in in suburbia. It’s a fight but we’ll see how well they do. Catman makes a stand against someone abusing his dog which may be making them some enemies in the local cops. I like Thomas’ new outfit but I’m not too sure about the cat mask. Ventriloquist’s dummy seems to be doing some talking on his own so we’ll have to see what’s really up with that. It should be interesting seeing everyone’s personalities fleshed out more. Though a traitor is revealed and Mockingbird calls him “Mr. Dibney” so I wonder if it’s really Ralph Dibney with his form shifted. (That would make a nice inside joke to a little bit mentioned about his nose in the story at the beginning of the issue.) And then Mockingbird himself is revealed to be the Joker. So I really wonder what his game is in all of this.

Now, as for the top 3 for the week — OK, did you really think there would be a top 3? If so, you really disappoint me. Secret Six was the only one I truly enjoyed. For first issues, the other two left something to be desired. So, let’s stick with Gail Simone’s writing and just wait to see on the others.

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