Weekly Comic Review for 4/15/15

I started this a couple days ago and am finally getting to finish it. I really need 36 hour days so I can do more with this site.

Convergence #2 of 8 – Most of the issue revolves around the Earth 2 team as they take on Telos. Sometimes it seems like they have the upper hand but you have to wonder if he’s playing with them. We do see the Futures End universe fight the Stan Lee universe for one page. No clue who won that one. The Earth 2 Batman reaches out to another Batman to try to figure everything out.

Convergence: Green Arrow #1 of 2 – With street criminals running rampant in the city after a year under the dome, Green Arrow does his best to keep things under control. After all this time, his son Connor Hawke, reaches out to him from the ashram he runs to help protect the non-white citizens from the racist people. Suddenly, the announcement goes out and the two head out to see what’s going on. Out there they meet agirl dressed like Black Canary who calls Oliver “Dad”. He call out “Dinah” but the girl is obviously younger and the other woman has short black hair. Guess we’ll find out more next time.

Convergence: Green Lantern/Parallax # 1 of 2 – Once the dome went up and the powers went out, Parallax became just plane old Hal Jordan. Kyle visits him in jail where he had himself imprisoned for the crimes against the Green Lanterns, a story that they detail for those who missed it. Of course, as with the other books, the dome comes down and the powers come back. That means that Parallax is back. Kyle, with his powers back too, confronts him. While trying to stop Hal, he gets attacked by his chosen opponent, the daughter of Lady Quark who was the last of her world post-Crisis on Infinite Earths. With Kyle down, Parallax takes down Princess Liana and her army and then turns his attention to her city next.

Convergence:Justice League International #1 of 2 – With the heroes’ powers gone, Blue Beetle takes over leadership of the JLI. We learn the hard way that robots are still running well when Metallo attacks. (I thought he was a cyborg but I guess he just usually wore human skin. All the cyborgs seem to be having problems functioning.) This means that Red Tornado (He was a member of the JLI?) still has his powers too. The dome comes down though (I’m taking this isn’t really a surprise any more, right?) and a team of heroes from Kingdom Come shows up. At least the team seems to be getting treated a little more respectably or they’d definitely get their asses kicked. Though with all these titles, who knows what will happen wth issue 2.

Convergence: Superman: Man of Steel # 1 of 2 – I’m not a big Superman fan but when I saw this title had Gen 13 in it, I had to pick it up. Since it’s armor, Steel at least has his “powers”. So do Natasha and her brother with their armor. (I remember Natasha having armor before but that’s it, tho I didn’t read the actual Steel series.) His armor looks really stupid, by the way. So, they have a cat named Allie Cat (REALLY!?) that they infused some techno-organic stuff into. When it activates, he looks just like a cat version of Warlock from the New Mutants. Be a little original people! A battle with some local bad guys starts and Steel’s nephew gets hurt which takes the kids out of the game. Then Gen 13 get teleported to the city (which is a new one to see) to start the battle. Parasite gets involved too though since he now has his powers back as well and this causes all sorts of issues for the Gen 13 kids since they have some pretty good power levels.

Convergence:Suicide Squad #1 of 2 – With power levels down, the bad guys who never had powers end up on top. This makes Deadshot and Captain Boomerang in high demand. (Well, Deadshot was good before anyway.) Once the dome is gone and powers are back, they aren’tin quite as high demand… other than for Amanda Waller. She and Oracle pull together the old team and include Carol Ferris/Star Sapphire and the Cyborg Superman to fight another team from the Kingdom Come universe. Oh, and I should mention that we started off with a flash forward of Amanda about to get shot by someone she had trusted. Next issue could get quite messy.

Convergence:Superboy #1 of 2 – Like all the other heroes, Superboy (back in his jacket wearing days) has lost his powers. Dubbilex is working to find out why his powers are gone even though his body takes on the energy he needs. When the dome comes down though, he’s more than happy to finally fly around again. In the air, he thinks he sees the Flash. Well, he does see him but it’s the one from Kingdom Come along with the Robin from then too. He does pretty well but the KC Superman shows up too. Next issue should be interesting to see how he does against an older Superman.

The Fox #1 – “Fox Hunt” – The Fox is back and it’s good to see it’s the same type of story as the previous series and not something dark like Black Hoodeven though it’s a Dark Circle comic. We start off with the obligatory flash-forward of the Fox in trouble and then immediately go back to him with his son taking pictures in a ghost town. The thing is that he keeps taking pictures of this green haired woman he’s not seeing otherwise. Tracking her down as the Fox, he ends up getting captured and finds out the woman is a girl he had a crush on when he was a little kid. When she finds out he’s married with a kid, she disappears leaving the Paul and his son alone. They go back home and things end there for the time being. We then see a group of villains gathered by someone known as Mister Smile (related to the camera phone Paul has been taking pictures with) who seems to want to Fox dead.

It’s fun seeing all the old school stories and characters with Convergence but the whole “we’ve been here a year and this really sucks. Oh, the dome is gone and I have my powers back. Oh, no! I have to fight someone to save my city? And now here they are!” formula EVERY issue is getting really boring. It’s only been a couple weeks and I’m ready to see how this ends and get past it.

But, I still need a top 3. I’ll have to go with the Convergence titles for Green Arrow (It goes beyond the melodrama of a lot of the others and even shows a sign of hope in the city.), Justice League International (It’s cool to see Blue Beetle in charge.), and the Suicide Squad (The whole villains working together dynamic is often interesting and it’s going to be interesting to see the original Star Sapphire concept back.).

I’ll try to get to last Wednesday’s stuff after the gym…

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