Weekly Comic Review for 8/19/15

Only a couple books this week so let’s get to them.

Justice League #43 – The war with Darkseid is ramping up. While he is preparing his big guns, the Justice League is still trying to talk Batman out of the Mobius chair. The one thing it doesn’t seem to be able to tell him though is who the Anti-Monitor is. (If we have an Anti-Monitor again, does that mean there are Monitors out there somewhere?) We get more use out of Diana’s lasso when Mr. Miracle shows up and the team tries to figure out what’s really going on. Superman and Luthor are still on Apokolips where they discover that the lack of sun has really weakened Superman. (He’s bleeding.) Luthor tries to fly off and save them both (The dynamic between the two of them is kind of amusing.) but when parademons attack, he drops Superman into one of the pits hoping it will have the same affect as a sun. He seems to power up but is black now, including his heat vision. (I guess he had to be right in them instead of in their vicinity to get the energy he needed. Meanwhile, it’s Darkseid vs. Grail with the League in the middle. Looks like things are coming to a head.

Secret Six #5 – We finally get some answers on Mr. Big/Dibny when Catman finds a picture of someone who tried to kill him in the house, only to find out that it’s his wife. A backyard battle leads to revelations of who Mockingbird is and that the entire team was on his boat during one party where he was showing off a giant diamond. He called himself a detective and not a super-hero and he used to look like we know him pre-New 52. (No clue why he looks different now.) He ends up turning on the team though and let them get captures by the Riddler and his team. I’m assuming they won’t let him stick around after this so I wonder who the new #6 will be unless 3 of them take off with the other 3 from the original team. (I wouldn’t mind seeing Catman, Black Alice, and Porcelain join Scandal, Ragdoll, and Janette.) Next issue should be interesting.

Well, there aren’t 3 books for a top 3 but the 2 that there are are definitely good ones.

Update: I was able to get my hands on one comic that I missed out on during this week.

Archie #2 – With the Lodges moving into town, there are jobs aplenty to build their mansion. As danger prone and clumsy as Archie is. he messed up all over with his buddies following him around and stopping his destruction until they finally can’t. Wanting to make up for it, he goes at night to fix things and ends up taking the whole building down by accident. Meanwhile, it’s Betty’s birthday and everyone but Archie is invited. Despite her having a boyfriend (whom she really doesn’t seem to have interest in), she still seems more interested in Archie still. It’s still a fun book. Not quite sure what to expect of it in the long run.

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