Weekly Comic Review for 7/1/15

Yeah, I’m definitely backlogged. I was out of town for a while and then had computer issues. But I’m getting back on track.

Bat-Mite #2 – We pick up with Bat-Mite in the dungeon with an unconscious Hawkman. He ends up picking on his style as well as his body hair. (Honestly, I always liked the furry chested versions of Hawkman the best.) He tries changing his style going from golden age to silver age to Hawkworld, and more. Eventually, he settles on a version that has no body hair, but has tattoos and a mace for a hand. The badass Hawkman gets his brain taken over by the doctor’s. (The same doctor who earlier makes a very non-child friendly sexual innuendo about Doctor Frankenstein.) In the end, Bat-Mite wins and Hawkman is returned to his normal form (still without body hair). Next up: Bat-Mite and Robin. The comic is cute but it’s a good thing it’s only a 6 issue mini-series cuz I wouldn’t stick with this much longer than that.

Green Arrow #42 – The secret of the “night birds” is revealed. It turns out they are these flying multi-tenticled robots that would make Doctor Octopus proud. These Panopticon are built to enforce the law and stop any possible crimes. They even rip the arm off of a street kid who steals a hamburger. In a battle of bow and arrow vs. these robots, Ollie gets captured. The wolf he saved is doing better though. Do we have a mascot?

Green Lantern #42 – Trapper (the alien Hal has caged up) gets an attempted rescue, but Hal ends up kicking their asses instead. One of those little rocks finishes the jobs as one ship gets infected and the rest bump into it and turn into rock too. And it looks like Black Hand is back and his hands are rocked up. Is he the source of all this? He’s not turning total stone like the others so I’m not sure what’s going on. Things always get interesting lately when he’s around tho.

Lobo #8 – We pick up in the 3 on 1 fight Lobo left us with last issue. This issue though, he finds out they are mind controlled as well asnd is able to take them out and get the control-bots to someone he works with. He’s able to track the tech which leads Lobo into what looks like a high society gala. He works his way to the central location and finds the drones only to end up with one in him too. Looks like he’s in big trouble. I do have to say that I like this intelligent version of Lobo better than the old “Main Man” version of him.

Midnighter #2 – One of the items from the Garden is put in the hands of a woman after her husband dies and it’s up to Midnighter to stop her from getting revenge. Plus, Midnighter has another first date, this time on his birthday. Plus, we find out what happened between him and Apollo. The book is really starting out well. I wasn’t expecting much after his appearance in Grayson, but this is developing well so far.

Secret Wars #4 of 8 – We’re half way through and I’m still not quite sure were things are going. Doctor Strange explains what’s been going on to the heroes of Earth 616 (and Miles). There’s a a big debate about Doom being a god in this world which riles up Scott with his Phoenix Force powers. The group shows up at a battle between the Thors and the Cabal which also draws in Doom. Cyclops takes this as an opportunity to take on Doom but he just grabs Scott by his neck and snaps it. After letting everyone see that, Doctor Strange scatters the others across Battleworld. When Stephen won’t tell Doom where they are (Being the god of the world, can’t he tell himself?), Doom kills him as well. As I said, I’m still not sure where this is all going and how many deaths will affect the new universe.

Quite an interesting mix of titles this week. No disappointments but there were a few that stood out. My top 3 recommendations for the week are Green Arrow, Lobo, and Midnighter.

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