Weekly Comic Review for 4/8/15

It’s a very Convergence week here at Geek of All Trades. (Well, everywhere really, but if you’re reading this then this is what’s important.) DC’s other titles are down for 2 months and a whole ton of 2 issue mini-series are taking over as we see what the heck DC is doing this time around. Well, let’s get into the meat of it.

Convergence #1 of 8 – We start off with the world of the video game Injustice: Gods Among us. The being behind it all decided this world is a failure and destroys it. Quite an ominous start. (I wonder if the comic will keep going tho.) Next we see Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, and the others who supposedly died at the end of the Earth 2 books. The only problem is that they show up without a city. The being running things decides this is wrong and locks them down. He then decided it is finally time to bit the worlds against one another to see which one will live. This isn’t the best way to go down to one universe again. (And since we know that’s an Earth 2 book after this, something isn’t going to go as planned for him.)

Convergence: Batgirl #1 of 2 – We start out with Batgirls Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cane as well as Tim Drake/Red Robin. It turns out that Stephanie got chosen as a champion in the battles. While off going to the bathroom, she gets snuck up on by Catman. The two battle and Red Robin shows up but just stands there. It’s then that Steph realizes what’s going on and runs back to camp to see Cass fighting Grodd. Catman seemed to really be fighting Stephanie since he didn’t seem to know Tim but at the same time also seemed like more of a distraction. Not sure what was up there and we won’t know until next month because the story jumps back to the time in the dome while Stephanie was “retired” but Cass and Tim were still guarding the streets until the big announcement gets made.

Convergence: Harley Quinn #1 of 2 – Harley was running a Heist when the dome shows up around the city. During the battle she injures a cop who she ends up dating when she goes straight. (Part of the reason is he had to stop being a cop because of the damage to his arm she did.) She starts getting her head on straight when the alien makes his big announcement and it seems Harley is one of the champions. So,Poison Ivy and Catwoman go to her and use chemicals to get her going into her old nuts self so she might actually be able to fight. No idea who she is going to fight though.

Convergence: Justice League #1 of 2 – This Justice League is an all woman team. Zatanna, Supergirl, Jade, Jesse Quick, and Vixen start out at a baby shower for Jesse and end up at the hospital for the birth. While there, Jade turns normal and everyone knows something is up. We move on a year and the girls are out at a bar where Mera also is. Powers come back as the walls fall and the Flashpoint Aquaman sees Mera and has her kidnapped. Now the girls have to get her back and beat Aquaman. Really? I’d think Zatanna could do that alone. I guess we’ll see what happens next month.

Convergence: Nightwing and Oracle #1 of 2 – We start off with an alternate universe Hawkman and Hawkgirl fighting the wild west version of the Justice League (and kicking their asses pretty hard). With one world down, they decide to move on to another. We then jump to Barbara and Dick who are back together. We also see what the city has turned to with the dome up. Out at dinner, Dick proposes and just as she turns him down, the Hawks show up. They are willing to concede as long as they are allowed to move to this world as its rulers. Nah, they aren’t conceited at all. Nightwing obviously refuses and a battle time is set-up. Oracle is already making plans though.

Convergence: Speed Force #1 of 2 – Flash (with Iris and Jai in tow) heads off to investigate something when the dome goes up cutting them all off from Linda. When the dome goes down and Wally gets his powers back, he takes off to try to save the wild west JLA but arrives too late only to see everything turn to dust. He then takes off, accidentally summoning his kids to him, and runs through city after city to find his own again. You see Bizarro World, Qward, Earth X of the Freedom Fighters and what looks like Kandor. Then, just before he gets home, he runs through the world of Captain Carrot where he’s seen by Fastback. Fastback follows him back and tries to get the Wests to work with him so they can try to fight it all. Just then, Flashpoint Wonder Woman shows up.

Convergence: the Atom #1 of 2 – With the dome up, everyone lost their powers… except for Ray Palmer who seems to be able to make his hand bigger. He’s also hearing voices. He keeps bringing up Deathstroke killing the other Atom, Ryan Choi, which causes Slade to finally come out and attack Ray. It’s at this time when Ray is teleported away for battle with Barracuda of the Extremists. After that battle, we find out what was up with the voices. It seems that Ryan Choi is alive again. I have no clue where that one came from.

Convergence: Titans #1 of 2 – The only Titans in this are Wonder Girl, Starfire, and Arsenal. It’s good to see the cool and fun Starfire back over the one that is in the New 52. We get to see some of Roy’s angst as he is dealing with things. The team pulls together to fight the Extremists and Dreamslayer says he’ll give Roy his daughter back if he kills Donna and Kory. Now, I would never trust someone with that name but you see Roy’s guns turn to target his sides where his teammates are and he fires. My guess is the bad guys were sneaking up there and he took them out. We’ll find out next month.

Now, if this is “one world fighting another”, why do we have the worlds of the Extremists, the Hawks, Flashpoint,and wherever Grodd was from all attacking this one Earth. DC contradicts itself right from the start. Who knows what is going on or what will happen. I have no clue what to expect. I just want it to be over already and get back to normal stuff. Or whatever will be “normal” by the end of all of this.

The top 3 of the month go to the main Convergence title and the Speed Force and Titans mini-series

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