Weekly Comic Review for 4/1/15

Convergence #0 – It’s the start of the whole Convergence thing that’s supposed to remake the DC universe yet again. It’s all about Superman and seeing all the various Brainiacs and Supermen from various continuities. You also learn that cities have been kidnapped from each of the dimensions in the Multiverse. It’s a set-up for the main series but not a very interesting story on its own.

Cyclops #12 – Black Vortex chapter 10 – I’m not sure how, but we open up with Cyclops, Bobby, and Groot all captured. Corsair comes to save them… and we find out it was just Scott’s daydream. Somehow Cyclops is able to use his optic blasts to draw a finger print on a panel to let them out. Really? That’s pretty fine detail for someone, even with the practice he claims he got. It is a comic but there’s got to be some level of believability. Well, they get in trouble once they are out and, after some mental advice from Corsair, the 3 turn to the Black Vortex for the power to escape. Cyclops and Groot look pretty cool transformed but Iceman looks like a World of Warcraft elf. Then we find out the “telepathic chat” was all in Cyclops head too and he never realized it. With no idea what happened to Corsair, Scott takes off into the battle and the last page just says “End”. Looks like the is the end of things which I thinks makes things better if he ended up back with his own team.

Earth 2: World’s End #26 – Half a year into the series and it finally comes to an end in an extra length final issue. Alan Scott takes the final steps to become one with the Green (and the other colors) to really take the battle to Darkseid. More battling, more escaping, and more Omega Beams. Yup, Darkseid lets loose with a blast that takes out Green Lantern, Dick Grayson, Batman, Flash, and Val/Superman. From here, it’s on to the new Earth 2 series which I really hope will be better than the original Earth 2 series. It started out well and then just went right to the war and never left.

Harley Quinn #16 – The issue subject is simple. Harley and Ivy interview people for Harley’s backup team. Of course, you get quite a line of whackos. The list gets narrowed down to 11, 10 girls and 1 guy. On top of it, a blind woman in a wheelchair (who she nicknames “Coach”) is put in charge of the team and the building they will be staying in. This is definitely going to be interesting. I really never thought I’d love a Harley Quinn book as much as I do this one.

New 52 Futures End #48 – Terry is back in the future and sees that everything has been righted… until he finds out it’s all an illusion. Brother Eye attacks with his team of cyborgs which include Flash, Captain Cold, Booster Gold, and Hawkman. The heroes escape with the help of a team led by the Atom and Madison. The issue ends with Tim saying that Brother Eye hasn’t won yet, but it’s the last issue so it seems that this was all for nothing. It makes the purchase of these 48 issues seem useless. I expected something out of the story other than Tim becoming Batman Beyond 5 years into the future. LAME!!!!!

Teen Titans Annual #1 – Superboy supposedly goes on a rampage. It turns out that he actually killed a bunch of Durlans that were taking sanctuary on the planet after all the stuff that happened in the Green Lantern titles. He doesn’t remember doing it tho. (Yeah, very cliche.) Power Girl doesn’t want to believe or help Superboy since she doesn’t know him. She doesn’t know most people on the planet. Is she not going to save them either? Someone please kill her off now. Martian Manhunter is after Superboy just to make things more complicated. Afterthey take him down, most of the team head off leaving Wonder Girl and Power Girl behind. Manchester Black then recruits them for his team, the Elite. (A good reference to his pre-New 52 team. The team we see includes Kid Flash (not sure how), Guardian, Klarion, and 3 people floating in a purple aura. There’s also a giant2 headed snake that I’m not sure if they are fighting or if it’s part of the team. And, if that is Bart, I’m not sure where Solstice is. I guess we’ll find out once it goes back to the regular title.

I’ll take Harley Quinn and Teen Titans Annual and the top 2. As for the 3rd, I guess I’ll go with Convergence. It was that or Cyclops. They were both mediocre, but at least Convergence might lead into something interesting.

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