Weekly Comic Review for 5/14/14

Afterlife with Archie #5 – As the zombies make an attack on the manor, things between the survivors start falling apart. Reggie goes all homophobic on Kevin when Kevin tried to comfort him. Archie turns to Betty when he cracks after killing his father. This connection puts a negative spin on Veronica. The zombies start to breach the house so the crew uses fireworks to distract them as they escape and move on to a safer area. Thus ends book 1.

All-New X-Men #27 – The future evil Brotherhood attack and we get a view of the future where this Charles is born and then when he meets up with Raze (who is his half-brother). The pieces start coming together as a mental war starts between Charles and Jean. The future back story is probably the best of it.

Avengers Undercover #4 – Following the murder of Arcade, S.H.I.E.L.D. comes down on the party and captures the kids. They don’t stay there long with Hellstrom using his powers to teleport them back to the Masters’ hideout and tries to recruit them.

Bloodshot and H.A.R.D. Corps #22 – Bloodshot meets up with Genius in the bathroom and next thing you know, his head explodes. Kozol has the Corps go after Bloodshot for going renegade and killing one of the team which he denies doing. So, who do we trust, Kozol or Bloodshot? I know who I’d pick.

Green Lantern Corps #31 – Uprising part 2 of 6 – The copied Green Lanterns escape from their cells and get their rings back mid-fight turning the tides. A band of other corps members go after a secret that’s been hid there. That secret ends up being Sodam Yat. There’s someone we haven’t heard of in a while.

Justice League United #1 – There’s actually 2 versions of the issue, one with a red tinted cover and the title saying Justice League Canada. (The was the original name for the book after all and the story is Justice League Canada part 2 of 5.) This book is full of interesting jumps. We start off with a Hawkman/Lobo fight. We go to the JLU fighting an elemental and then back to the battle where Lobo literally disarms Hawkman. After the team wins their fight, we are back into space where we get to see a character I never expected to see again… Ultra, the Multi-Alien.

Kevin Keller #13 – Even more Kevin this week. We pick up after the previous issue where Kevin found out his boyfriend is cheating on him. This leads into a story of gossip where Kevin tries to find out who the source of the gossip site is.

New 52 Future’s End #2 – Mot of the issue revolves around the funeral of Green Arrow. Mister Terrific is turning out to be a real ass just being all self-indulgent. Not a big fan. Amidst all this, we get to see Firestorm has a melt down as Ronnie refuses to take the blame for not saving Oliver. To add some variety, Batman Beyond checks things out and Lois gets a mysterious package.

Nightcrawler #2 – Kurt and Amanda head back to their circus to find Margali and we get to see flashbacks back to when they were kids in the circus. They get there and there’s the obligatory fight with their old friends. It ends just in time for Triomega to show up for another fight.

Overall, not a bad week. Most are pretty mediocre but I’ve seen a lot worse weeks. My top 3 this week go to All-New X-Men, Justice League United, and New 52 Future’s End.

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