Weekly Comic Review for 3/11/15

Yes, I’m actually getting it done on time this time. If it wasn’t for the local Renaissance Faire and such this past weekend, I might have gotten it done then. I love Ren Fairs and all the outfits and such. I really need to pull one together of my own. But you’re here to read about the comics so…

All-New X-Men #37 – Despite a cover showing Iceman and Beast. They don’t appear in the book. In fact, this issue is all about Emma and Jean. Emma take Jean to Madripoor to train. (She’s REALLY serious about her training!) After just getting there, Emma locks down Jean’s telepathy and puts her back to just having her telekinesis. Emma doesn’t want Jean to be too reliant on her new abilities and forget her original ones. She also points out that Jean got her abilities after being away from Xavier, hinting at the fact that Charles was the one who locked them down in the first place. The next thing she does is set up Jean again the Blob who has been augmented with a mutant growth hormone. As if he wasn’t bad (and fat) enough before. Luckily, it’s a battle that Jean was able to win. It’s interesting seeing the odd level of bonding these two have. I think it’s actually good for both of them.

Earth 2: World’s End #23 – A little of this and a little of that and a lot of the same old thing. Jimmy here, Huntress there, Mr. Terrific somewhere else. Mostly, it’s about Green Lantern, Power Girl, Val, and Red Tornado fighting again Apokolips. I really wish this would progress faster or at least get more interesting.

Green Lantern Corps #40 – As they push into the last issue, everything gets squashed in real quick. Turns out this isn’t the Cosmic Odyssey bomb. It’s another one. John has more trouble with world destroying bombs. His sapphire power ring saves the day though and he rides off into the sunset, leaving the recruits all on their own. Some teacher he is. This seemed like a really rushed ended and attempt at a wrap up. I say attempt because they just drop a lot of topics that there just wasn’t time for. Not good planning tho I bet they were told “Hey, you know all those months of plans you’ve set-up? Well, you’ve got 2 or 3 months to clear them up.

Justice League United #10 – OK. Brainiac 5’s created a big black hole that’s going to swallow them all up. The solution? Teleport Thangarand Rann into orbit right near each other which somehow resolved the issue. I’d love to have a PhD in comic book physics to somehow understand this stuff. (Tho a 13th level intelligence would probably help too.) Tho the old reason they did it was because of Dream Girl’s precognition. It’s still good to see Star Boy/Starman there fighting the gravity of the black hole meaning he didn’t actually die in the Legion series. (More proof it was an alternate universe Legion. It must be nice to have alternate Earths for when they have to admit they screwed up even though Legion Lost was ties to that title and is now ties to this Legion.) In the end, the Legion all go back to their time and the League sort of all go their own way Since the title is making it past the Convergence, I’m assuming something will keep them together in some form.

New 52: Futures End #45 – Frankenstein finally dies after having Amethyst write his memoirs. The heroes clean up after the battle with Brainiac. And Brother Eye makes its move with its first batch of controlled humans. They aren’t the freaky spider-cyborgs yet at least.

New Suicide Squad #8 – Harley is saved by the prototype hero because he doesn’t want anyone to die. Tho, when the Suicide Squad starts killing everyone, he freaks out and takes off. The team escaped. Manta tries to get off the team but Waller won’t let him. And Deadshot gets the ok to go back to active duty, but is he really ready? That should lead to quite a nice mess. The book has it’s interesting parts but it’s another book on the borderline of “Is this worth keeping the cost of my subscriptions up where it is?”

Superior Iron Man #6 – Tony Stark attempts a (very) hostile take-over but gets blocked by Pepper Potts. I’m really liking her. She then sets him and Teen Abomination up for a battle with an old set of armor that doesn’t have anyone in it. Very weird. The book was interesting at first but evil Tony is getting old now. I think this will probably be it for me on this series.

For my top 3, All-New X-Men and Justice League United will make it. Three of them were just bombs. This leaves the 2 weekly titles, neither of which was anything special (which is usually the norm for those 2 titles). SO, it’s late, and I could care less about spot 3 this week. Take your own pick or just go with a top 2.

G’Night, all!

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