Weekly Comic Review for 3/19/14

OK. Comicon is over. The pictures are posted. Time to get back to catching up on my comics and do a couple movie reviews.

All-New Invaders #3 – We find out how Namor got captured and then move on to the team’s plan to save him. They also find out that the device the have been gathering is useless against Norse gods now. The Winter Soldier tracks down Aarkus for assistance to get to to Kree planet. Of course, the best way to get the smoke needed to travel is to blow up a quinjet. Seems like overkill to me. The team gets captured and finds out why the Kree wanted the God’s Whisper. It can also take control of Eternals. In this case, It’s Ikaris. I’ve always enjoyed the Eternals. Let’s hope there’s more to see of them soon.

Green Lantern #29 – We get a brief visit from Hal on Earth as he tells his family that Simon Baz will be keeping an eye on them while he’s off planet. Then we get a couple pages with Brother Walker before we’re back with the corps as they take on a base that was making weapons to take on the Lanterns. The whole thing was pretty boring in general but Gorin-Sunn is kinda cool. A living energy Green Lantern is an interesting concept.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #29 – As the Godkillers storyline continues, we learn more about Kala as well as the origin of X’hal herself. One of the Godkillers appears and takes on X’hal, making a good attempt to kill her.

Harbinger: Bleeding Monk #0 – Going all the back to 326 B.C., we see where the Bleeding Monk came from and how he got to be what he is as well as all the other monks who may have been psiots.

Harley Quinn #4 – Harley starts her first day back as a psychiatrist. Her sad lack of any real concentration or work ethic leads to an interesting first day. Dealing with one patient leads to a really interesting misunderstanding when the patient’s family get drawn into it. On top of that, she gets to meet Sy Borgman (a.k.a. Syborg *groan*), a former government agent/hero, who has figured out who Harley really is. Just her first day and already things are a mess. What else would you expect from her though?

Legenderry #3 – What happens when Magna runs across Captain Victory, Steve Austin, and Oscar Goldman? A nice dinner on a dirigible. What happens when you toss in Dr. Moreau and his menagerie? A battle royal, a really big mess, and the introduction of the steampunk version of the Sic Million Dollar Man. It It’s always interesting to see where things go when you run across names you’ve known for years and see them in this new setting.

Shadowman #16 – Jack and Alyssa straighten out their personal issues with the former bully and the Abettors as well as their own attractions to each other. All this just in time for the series to end. The series is restarting but after the way it ended, I’m not sure I care about it.

Trinity of Sin: Pandora #9 – Forever Evil: Blight tie-in – It’s the final round of the battle as Justice League Dark takes on Felix Faust and finally takes him down. But where do they go now?

Most of the books were decent this week if not great. (Readable, at least…) Harley Quinn and Legenderry stood out from the others though and I’ll pick All-New Invaders to round out the top 3.

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