Weekly Cmic Review for 5/9/12

Well, it’s been a busy week for me but I’m getting in my comic review.

Avengers Assemble #3 – The Avengers had difficulty taking down individual or paired members of the Zodiac so half the group is definitely going to cause a problem. Luckily, Tony discovered the secret of how they get their powers and is able to shut them down. Tho this just leads to the source of their powers coming down. This means bad news to the team featured in the Avengers movie because now they’ve pissed off Thanos. I really don’t even want to think about what he would want to do with all those weapons.

Demon Knights #9 – Merlin is dead… or is he? Madame Xanadu says that his body is still (sort of) alive and his soul is probably on Avalon. The group is given a ship and weapons by the pair of lesbian princesses who can’t marry without Merlin there to help them claim their city is the new Camelot. (Gays have been trying to marry since back in those days? WOW!) Off the bickering group sails to try to save Merlin… if they can make it there.

Green Lantern #9 – Hal Jordon learns more of the secret of the Indigo Tribe. It seems Abin Sur had created them from bad guys he was trying to rehabilitate and use against the Guardians of the Universe. Tho when the guard over their main battery hears Abin is dead, he shuts it off and the runs all turn off. This could be some really bad news for Hal and Sinestro!

Legion Lost #9 – “The Culling” (part 3 of 4) This story takes place after the Superboy issue listed below. The battles continue as the group takes on Harvest while Caitlin Fairchild escapes with her group that will lead into the Ravagers title later this month. There’s still the final chapter next month to see what we can learn about all the secrets Harvest seems to have and if it’s true that he brought the Legion there.

Resurrection Man #9 – It’s still Mitch vs. the Suicide Squad. To make matters worse, agencies clash as Waller argues with Hooker over who gets Mitch. Waller lets Mitch go (after stealing his hand to study) and leaving him in charge of his new psychometric detective friend. Too many questions and weird people.

Scarlet Spider #5 – This issue is all about bomb chasing. Kaine is paired up with they gay cop partner of the doctor who doesn’t like him threatening the bad guys. He even calls him the Scarlet Spider, a name that Kaine doesn’t appreciate. But, as I was saying, they are chasing the people who know where the bomb is around time but can’t find it. Well, it ends up that Kaine can talk to spiders and asks them where it is and they tell him and take him to it. Really? I mean, REALLY??? You’ve got to be kidding me. The Spiders all around the area were in telepathic communication with him and the ones near it chimed in and let him know? UGH!

Superboy #9 – “The Culling” (part 2 of 4) The Titans and the Legion take on the Ravagers. On top of everything else, while Superboy is fighting Warblade, Timber Wolf attacks Kid Flash, mentioning something about what he did in the future. Now this confuses me as I expected them know know the “standard” history. Who knows what they have in mind. I guess they want us to stay totally confused.

There’s a number of decent books this week but not a while lot of exceptional ones. Green Lantern is good and would take it to my top 3. Avengers Assemble has a decent story build-up and good art so that will be #2. As for the third one, I’d have to pick Resurrection Man for the bickering between Hooker and Waller if nothing else. The Culling stories and Demon Knights just weren’t strong enough and Kaine’s “Spider Whisperer” act had too much “WTF” factor. While I appreciate the gay characters in Scarlet Spider and Demon Knight, it wasn’t enough to pull them to the top.

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