Hellos and Good Byes on TV

It’s that time when a lot of seasons start to end. Some shows start at odd times though and will be coming on soon.

RuPaul’s Drag Race ended season 6 recently. After the usual weeks of drama, the crown was won by Bianca Del Rio. I actually would have preferred to see BenDeLaCreme take the crown but Bianca was worthy as well. I’m just glad it wasn’t Darien Lake despite her being from western NY where I’m from. (She named herself after an amusement park in the area but was nowhere near as fun.) It was funny to see Jinx Monsoon come out to pass down the crown because I couldn’t even remember who won last year. I haven’t heard of Jinx since she won the crown a year ago. The season was fun but it’s definitely starting to get old. The one thing I usually look forward to is seeing Shawn Morales (about the only furry face and chested guy in the Pit Crew).

The one show that I’m disappointed to see end is Warehouse 13, The reason is that it’s a good show and it was the series finale, not just the season. On top of that, there was only 6 episodes to this season. The few they had were fun. Steven Jinks was the gay character introduced a couple seasons in. Other than one episode where they introduce his ex, the only time they really addressed his sexuality was in jokes Pete made about how Steve would love his body. (Yes, Pete was definitely in good shape.) In one episode, he gets split in two. One side is his professional side and the other is his gay side — a REALLY gay side which was hilarious to see. The season finale wraps things up without wrapping things up. It’s a preparation for the actual end of Warehouse 13 as the team gets their best points in their history with the Warehouse revealed. (These are all new events, not clips from earlier in the show.) It would have been good if the show wrapped itself up with the personal relationships reaching their natural points. They go the next step though to Warehouse 14 with Claudia taking over as the keeper of the warehouse. The 3 new agents are very awkward, the future effects are cheesy, and seeing Claudia dressed up as a business woman being all professional just didn’t sit right and then her pulling a Mrs. Fredricks and disappearing seemed overly cliche. Those last few minutes I could have done without. Still, it’s a great show I will really miss.

The gay wrapper show, Chozen, was also cancelled. I can’t say I’m sorry for this one though. I was intrigued when I saw there would be a gay cartoon like that but after seeing an episode, it was too stereotypical and borderline offensive. (And not in a fun way.)

Coming back on the scene tomorrow is Heroes of Cosplay. I thought the first season was a one shot thing but I’m glad to see it did well enough to bring it back. Six of the original cast, including Yaya Han and the one male cast member Jesse, will be returning. The of the original cast won’t be back but five new ones, including 2 more male competitors, will be introduced. It will be good to see a more balanced cast with male and female characters being cosplayed. Yes, a lot of straight geeks want to see lots of boobs but there are gay geeks too as well as guys who just want to see ideas about doing male cosplay as well. I’m really looking forward to this show returning.

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