Weekly Comic Review for 1/18/11

I’ll be picking up my comics tonight so I figured I’d better get the review for last week up. It’s a short list this time around.

Green Hornet #21 – This is a one issue story, which is a nice change after the last storyline. It follows an old friend of Britt Reid who is caught up in underground fighting. He tries to get out but his manager kept him drugged up and in the battle. Britt comes to his rescue when he shows up to stop the fighting after a body is found. It’s a good story.

Green Lantern Corps #5 – The history of the keepers is revealed and Guy Gardner pulls together a team to try to take them down. A little is seen about John and his crew being tortured but it’s mostly about Guy.

Legion of Super-Heroes #5 – This issue manages to spend about a page on every possible character they could meaning not much of anything really happens. They even show a brief bit of Gravity Kid talking to Cosmic Boy on a vid screen. At least they haven’t written him off totally. Oh, yeah. And there’s a new artist and the art sucks. Overall, a lame issue.

Nightwing #5 – It’s Nightwing vs. a rhyming demon. Not the match-up you’d expect. It’s a good thing he’s got his wits as he’s not used to the magical stuff. On top of it, we find out more about Saiko before the issue ends. This book is doing a good job of having interesting stories and giving just enough background on the circus troop without bogging the book down.

Since there’s only 4 comics, a top 3 seems a bit much. I would recommend Green Hornet and Nightwing this week. Both are good solid stories. The other 2 comics just come off as filler issues whiich is sad this early in the new series.

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