Weekly Comic Review for 2/29/12

After getting really sick and trying to hunt down a solution to my arch-nemesis, the wrapped/bagged comic, I’m finally getting to my review.

Avengers Vs. X-Men Program #1 – This was a freebie that was given out to introduce people to the current players in the X-Men and Avengers and draw people in to the storyline. There are also a couple short stories leading up to the Phoenix Force returning to Earth presumably to take over Hope. This storyline is being built up as the biggest battle of all time. I guess The Civil War, Secret Invasion, and such were just minor skirmishes. Why can’t heroes ever talk things over and work together? It seems they spend as much time fighting each other as they do the bad guys.

Batman Beyond Unlimited #1 – I remember the old Batman Beyond TV show. Heck, I own the videos. I read the first couple issues of the Batman Beyond series that was out right before the New 52. So, when I saw this and heard there was going to be a spot for the JLU (introduces in the cartoon), I figured I’d check it out. The first half of the book is a solo story with Terry taking on groups of Jokers from various cities around the country leading up to something big. The second story is about Batman and the JLU revisiting the ideas of animal gene splicing and Kobra, both introduced in the cartoon. So far, things are looking good for the title. The art and stories are both enjoyable. I’m not sure what the frequency of the book will be given that it’s a extra-sized book.

Green Hornet #22 – The issue revolved around the death of the Scowl and where Moonbeam (LAME name!) goes from here. It has a team up between the Green Hornet and Moonbeam.

Legion Secret Origin #5 (of 6) – In this story, the Legion goes back in time to meet Superboy but some dark force stops them. (Are they changing history now? Is this a New 52 change? Who knows what this is all about.) Instead, they get Ultra Boy to join. Also, Brainiac 5 continues to be obsessed with Phantom Girl. One issue left so it should be interesting to see who is behind everything going on here.

Justice League #6 – It’s the heroes vs. Darkseid as Batman goes to save Superman. Cyborg saves the day by interfacing with Motherbox and the government praises the heroes for apparently the first time. There’s a “Super Friends” joke in there before Flash names the team the Super Seven. (Really?!?) There’s also a backup story with Phantom Stranger introducing a woman maned Pandora that leads into some upcoming storyline too. Supposedly she knows the Phantom Stranger’s secrets too.

Magic the Gathering #2 – Given there’s a card with the book (the common card Faithless Looting with a new picture) so it’s wrapped and boarded as the first one was. So far, I haven’t been able to find a readable copy of the book which is frustrating.

The Shade #5 (of 12) – This issue we get introduces to a vampire “hero” called La Sangre from Shades past. (She keeps calling him “father” which isn’t explained and that he keeps discouraging.) We get a little more information on why Shade’s great grandson set what he did in motion.

Overall, not a bad week tho a bit average. My top 3 picks are going to Batman Beyond Unlimited, Justice League, and The Shade. I really wish I could have read Magic the Gathering #2 so I could have reviewed that as well. It’s annoying to buy a comic and not read it.

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