Weekly Comic Review for 3/7/12

Yup. I’m actually getting my reading done a little earlier. This week has some interesting stuff to read.

Avengers: The Children’s Crusade #9 (of 9) – It looks like I was wrong and they actually did kill Stature last issue. This causes Iron Lad to start thinking of ways to save her but the others tell him to let it be as he’s starting to sound like Kang. In response, he kills the Vision and takes off into time. This causes Patriot to retire and the rest of the Young Avengers to break up. I’m disappointed by this because I really wanted to see the Young Avengers return in their own title. We do get a nice kiss between Billy and Teddy and most of the team is back in costume at Avengers mansion at the end but who knows what this means. It’s just Hulkling, Wiccan, Speed, and Hawkeye now. Supposedly there were a lot of other young Avengers connected heroes in the Vision’s list so there’s still a possible future for the team. I guess we can only hope.

Avengers Academy #27 – (War with the Runaways part 1 of 2) The Runaways show up at the Academy looking for help in finding Old Lace. It turns out that Reptil is connected to where she is. The 2 groups of youths get along with Julie and Karolina flirting. Still, the Runaways aren’t sure they can trust the adults. Just as they fear, Hank and Tigra want to take the youngest of the team away and find them homes so once they find the dinosaur, they start making plans against them.

Defenders #4 – This one’s a single issue story about Doctor Strange with a link to the “wish machine” that they found. He ends up bringing someone from his past back to life which causes a bunch of introspection or Steven. It’s a good story really and leads into the next story when Namor finds an underground door with the machine’s symbol on it.

Green Arrow #7 – Given Ollie’s history with blondes, is it a good thing when identical triplets with an interest in arrows show up? Ollie seems to think so but he ends up walking into a trap that leaves the world wondering if Oliver Queen is dead. It’s actually a fun little story with some humorous bits but I miss Green Arrow’s more edgier self.

Hawk and Dove #7 – The Hunter shows up and he’s after Hawk and Dove. Parts of them at least. Something weird is going on and there aren’t many more issues left to flesh it out.

Night Force #1 (of 7) – Baron Winters starts gathering the new Night Force and the mystery around a young girl starts to grow. The book is very mysterious and may have the good writing that Justice League Dark is missing. I will definitely be checking out the next issue as this seems to have some promise. Too bad they are limiting this to a mini-series from the start.

Red Lanterns #7 – The battle between Guy and Rancorr continues as Guy realized this Red Lantern isn’t like the others. Rancorr flies off to Atrocitus’ planet though. Meanwhile, Bleez runs off to attack a bunch of former Yellow Lanterns claiming control over the Red Lantern Corps. The drama keeps building and things are keeping interesting.

Stormwatch #7 – The gravity miners arrive on earth and it seem the Martian Manhunter is the only one who’s known about them. The interactions between the team members grow and flesh out the characters more. Oh, and Apollo disappears due to the miners. So, where is he now?

There’s a number of good books this week but a few definitely rise to the top. This week, those books are Avengers: Children’s Crusade, Night Force, and Red Lanterns. Really, other than Hawk and Dove, I’d say they were all really good books.

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