Weekly Comic Review for 2/22/12

Another week down. I’ll save any extra for after the reviews.

Avengers Academy #26 – It’s Hank Pym vs. Jocasta for the students of the academy. It’s a debate between them though, not a fight. For once, they act like adults. With Veil there, Briggs wasn’t far behind and with him were Cloud 9, Hardball, Komodo, and Prodigy. Luckily, most of the kids stick with the Avemgers. Only Machine Teen and Rocket Racer (who really haven’t been part of the group anyway) end up leaving the academy. One of the best parts was when Stryker tells Veil that he’s gay and her reply is “Well, duh!” Given the lead-up to this, not much is really changing.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #6 – The Archangel Invictus attacks the 6 lanterns on the Orrery. He’s a lot more poerful than any of them. We still don’t know what the real history of Larfleeze is with all these people. At least Bleez is on her way. Wonder how much of a difference she’ll actually make.

Justice League Dark #6 – All sorts of madness is going on which pulls the team together. Now it’s going to tie in with I, Vampire for the coming of Cain. Still no clue why they are calling this a Justice League team. It’s just not very interesting though. I think I’m just going to be dropping this book.

Savage Hawkman #6 – The Gentleman Ghost gets Hawkman to find the Mortis Orb which he uses to raise the dead after it was charged up by the Nth metal. I swear this book’s more about the Nth metal than about Hawkman. I’ve always liked Hawkman but this is getting boring. I think I’ll be dropping this book as well.

Secret Avengers #23 – Captain America brings Venom into the Secret Avengers without even consulting Hawkeye. The Beast chastises Hawkeye for yelling at everyone. And it appears Ant-Man may have sacrificed himself to try to save the child of the one adaptoid. I’m interested in seeing if Ant-Man did die but I don’t know that it’s enough to pick this book up again. The team just isn’t a decent team even if Hawkeye is running things.

Teen Titans #6 – The Titans take Kid Flash to Static at S.T.A.R. Labs to try to save him from his sped up metabolism. This leads to him getting a new uniform of his own. Meanwhile, Wonder Girl, Bunker, and Skitter take on the madman named Grymm.

Overall, it wasn’t a great week. I got six books. Two of them are getting dropped and one I’m not going to pick up again after all. This only leaves 3 books for the top 3: Avengers Academy, Green Lantern: New Guardians, and Teen Titans. None of them were all that spectacular this week. It’s pretty sad.

To make things even better, in the letter column of Avengers Academy this week, they only deal with one letter. The letter and the response each take up about half the page. Some guy from Kentucky is complaining and saying he’s going to drop the title because Styker’s gay. According to him, there’s the agenda they are pushing about homosexuality and they do so much for gays without showing any straight relations. I guess he somehow missed all the issues where almost every straight member of the group has slept with someone else. (Hank and Tigra, Reptil and Finesse, Mettle and Hazmat) The writer, Christopher Gage, replies about how it is balances and they are just showing all aspects of life and such. I’m sick of religious zealots who think that depictions of people have to be 100% straight because they, for whatever reason, don’t like gays. (I won’t won’t even get into a rant about all the reasons why.) It’s just sad that someone has to waste a letter column about something like this People really need a life.

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