I Can’t Believe It’s Been Over a Year Already!

I was looking back and realized that about this time last month was the one year anniversary of Geek of All Trades becoming actually active and live. Time sure does fly. What started out as a fun endeavor and a chance to learn some CMS work turned into a project I’m actually enjoying. What will the next year bring? I’m hoping to get the site out there and advertised more. I want to start to do some video blog posts to be interspersed with my regular write-ups. I’ve got plans to do some reviews on titles from Class Comics for those into more adult gay themed comics too. I also want to catch up on some of my web comics so I can do more write-ups on them and really start beefing up the site. What more does everyone else want to see? Let me know and I can work on trying to make this site even better. Keep on reading, spread the word, and let me know what you think of the site. Take care, all!

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