Weekly Comic Review for 10/3/12

The 0 issues are over and DC is back to it’s regular stories.

Avengers Academy #38 – For the most part, this issue is a fluff piece with the Academy kids vs. Wolverine’s school in a game of football. The cover looks like the old school “team vs. team” covers. I’d love to know where the other characters they joined the school before went to like Ricochet or Thunderstrike. (After the mini-series, I was looking forward to seeing more of Thunderstrike.) Hank and Jacosta have a talk with Logan and Kitty about what to do with the students. On that last page, it says it’s the end of “Avengers Academy “as we know it”. I’m not sure what this means for the team.

Danger Club #4 – As the young heroes try to take down the president/American Spirit, there are more betrayals and more deaths. I’m honestly a little confused by that happened in this issue and I think I’ve given the title long enough. It’s really not catching me.

Dial H #5 – Nelson, Manteau, and Squid take on Ex-Nilho and Abyss. We get some background on Manteau and how she works with the dials. In the end, she and Nelson are the only ones left. I’ve always been a Dial H for Hero fan but this title just isn’t catching on for me. Unless the new arc catches on, I’m dropping this title.

Doctor Who #1 – The Doctor, Amy, and Rory end up in 1851. Something is causing a telepath to get instruction on how to build a portal device. Something is reaching through the device and freezing people in time. It should be interesting to see what the Doctor does about this. I’m a big fan of the show. I hope the comic lives up to it.

Earth 2 #5 – It’s Green Lantern, Flash, Hawkgirl, and the Atom vs. Grundy. As a representative of the Green, Alan enters the Grey to try to stop Grundy but even they can’t stop him even if they wanted to. In fact, they are trying to turn Green Lantern to their side. To make things worse, Terry Sloan (Mr. 8 or, in pre-New 52, Mr. Terrific.) comes in to take control of the World Army from someone named Kahn. We get to see Sandman (who is Canadian now) and there are mentions of Red Tornado (who is unfinished) and “Captain” Steel as well.

Green Lantern #13 – “Ride of the Third Army” – Simon Baz tries to figure out his ring which seems to have mixed messages from Hal and Sinestro. Amanda Waller is seen with Obama talking about him as a Green Lantern. Meanwhile, the Third Army grows. And to make things worse, The Justice League shows up to attack Simon. I’m getting to really dislike the current Justice League.

Stormwatch #13 – After seeing in issue #0 that the Demon Knights later became known as Stormwatch, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Etrigan would appear in the title. Midnighter and Apollo are at a gay bar in London in an area that seems to have a higher than usual crime and violence level. Ever time, things break down for one person which causes a bunch of people to call out the rhyme that summons Etrigan from underneath a place called Malory House. Things are going to be getting messy here. It’s also interesting how you see other mystically connected characters react to his return.

Of these 7, only 4 titles (the last 4) have a chance to make it into the Top 3 for the week. The three I chose are Doctor Who, Earth 2, and Stormwatch.

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