Weekly Comic Review for 2/19/14

I hope those of you in Phoenix had a good Pride weekend. Back to comic reviews I need to catch up on.

Amazing X-Men #4 – The Quest for Nightcrawler part 4 of 5 – Wolverine and Northstar are trapped in a snowy area of the afterlife while Firestar and Iceman are surrounded in Hell. Meanwhile, Nightcrawler saves Storm and Beast leading to a new flashback with Nightwarler and Beast. The Bamfs locate the 4 lost X-Men, allowing Nightcrawler to rescue them. We get a little information on the origin of the Bamfs and a Wolverine/Nightcrawler flash too. Lots of build up in the issue to set-up Nightcrawler better for those less familiar with him.

Bloodshot and H.A.R.D. Corps #19 – While the team fights through Oreck’s crew to save Kozol, we get a little background on Vagabond. It’s interesting to see since he’s been such an underdeveloped character so far. Not sure if he’s really all that interesting still though.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #28 – It’s the start of a new arc as we meet the Godkillers. It’s a group of aliens who go world to world killing each one’s gods to “free” them of their influence. Kyle, Carol, and the Guardians end up on a planet where we meet X’hal for the first time in the New 52 universe. These can’t be very good gods if they can be killed so easily by these aliens though.

Harley Quinn #3 – It’s Valentine’s Day for Harley. All she wants is a little love. Thanks to a present from Poison Ivy, she gets more than she planned as she ends up irresistible. It’s a good fun issue. This is a fun good book still.

Justice League #28 – Forever Evil tie-in – Cyborg gets Doc Magnus to reveal the origin of the Metal Men. It’s a good lead up to an introduction of the team and maybe their own title one of these days. There really isn’t anything truly related to Forever Evil though other than Cyborg trying to recruit the team.

New Warriors #1 – The title is back. Let’s just hope that the book does better than recent iterations. Justice and Speedball return starting with a battle against the Salem Seven who appear to be good now and are protecting Salem. We also see Scarlet Spider, Hummingbird (I really hate that name!), and Nova. We get introduced to Sun Girl and Faira Sar Namora (an Atlantean) as well as the plot of the High Evolutionary to destroy all non-Humans. (This includes Hybrid, the half human/half Dire Wraith last seen in Avengers Academy, who makes a guest appearance.) Given the new team will be contain a mutant, an augmented human, a clone, an Atlantean, an Inhuman, and a demi-god, this can’t be too good. Nova gets captured so that leaves Sun Girl as the only human that can stand between the High Evolutionary’s assassins and the team. I wouldn’t want to be in her shoes boots.

Quantum and Woody #8 – The brothers and their redneck allies take on Magnum until someone in the military pulls the plug on his mission. More back story filler still leaves the storyline flat. This book could be a lot more fun.

Trinity of Sin: Pandora #8 – Forever Evil: Blight tie-in – The team sneaks into the magical fortress and get immediately captured. For being so old and having so much knowledge, they sure seem to be a bunch of bumbling fools. I swear, I don’t know how they’ve lived this long. Pandora is able to escape, turning back on her light armor, and drags Phantom Stranger and one other woman with her. (She planned on taking everyone but didn’t do a very good job. [See above comments. :P])

Unity #4 – Ninjak, Gilad, and Livewire break into Harada’s facility and steal back the X-O armor. After wearing it more, Livewire decides that Aric should be the proper owner and gives it back to him. I thought this was just supposed to be a mini-series but it seems to be ongoing. Not for me it isn’t. I dropped this book.

I have to say that the top 3 are pretty obvious this week. Harley Quinn, Justice League, and New Warriors are the ones to get. The rest are passable at best.

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