Weekly Comic Review for 2/11/15

All-New X-Men #36 – This issue is pretty basic issue. After the explosion the end of last issue, the 2 teams of X-Men take down Doctor Doom, track down Carmen Cruise, and use her abilities to get the young X-Men back to their Earth. The most interesting part of the issue was seeing the other dimensions when they were opening gates to find their home one.

Cyclops #10 – Scott and Corsair get one of the Shi’ar ships and escape the planet. Knowing that the team he worked with on the pirate ship would be in trouble, he turns the ship back to save them. This looks like it could get things good between the captain and Corsair. Sadly, it doesn’t get things good between him and the captain’s daughter who assumes everything was a lie between them and wants him punished. Oops!

Earth 2: World’s End #19 – Green Lantern continues fighting the spawn of Death while the Apokalips continues it’s attack on Earth. It’s getting pretty basic at this point.

Green Lantern Corps #39 – Daggle tracks down his partner while John Stewart and crew look into creatures on Feska’s planet. While there, John runs across a bomb that I’m guessing looks just like the one from Cosmic Odyssey.

Guardians 3000 #5 – Nikki is back but doesn’t look like the flame haired hero I’m used to seeing. She also gets all pissy when the team doesn’t recognize her. (Time is still making weird jumps.) She’s acting like a little brat and even betrays the team by attacking the Stark even when they tell her not to. Starlord and the rest of the team travel into the Hunger without Vance as a tether which could be disastrous. It turns out that the Hunger is actually some aspect of Galactus so this should be interesting.

Harley Quinn: Valentine’s Day Special #1 – Harley learns that a date with Bruce Wayne is up for auction. She steals money from a corrupt banker to make her bid. In the midst of it all, a lame villain named the Carp attacks to steal to save fish (from a charity event for cats and dogs, no less). Harley saves the day, gets her date with Bruce, and seems to make him wonder if she’s turning over a new leaf (sorta) from all their talking. Batman is still keeping an eye on her but it makes for quite an interesting story.

Justice League 3000 #14 – I guess it’s the week for the year 3000 here. We get a bit of a flashback from Ice on how she got from where we last saw her to where she is now. It turns out that Fire went into Hell and is now working with Etrigan. No one is quite sure what to make of Tora, but what I’m not sure to make of is the artwork. Someone new is drawing the comic and it’s really not good. The book has been mediocre and I keep hoping it’ll improve but if the art is going to go down hill too, it may be time to jump ship real soon. I still don’t know what to make of Lois Lane in this book now since she’s a villain somehow and no one has explained this. LAME!

Justice League United #9 – The Infinitus Saga part 5 of 6 – The League and the Legion work together to try to stop Infinitus. The Martian Manhunter clears up Hawkman’s mind and the go off for Blyth and Ultra. Brainiac 5 is over-eager to set off a bomb that he and Sardac created. The team asks him to hold off but just as the team tell him that they’ve saved the day, Brainiac tell him that he set off the bomb anyway and without Infinitus there, they are all going to die. I swear that Brainiac 5 is the most stupid smart person out there. At least there’s only 1 more part left. All I know is that I’m glad Star Boy and Sun Boy are still alive and around the Legion (along with Phantom Girl and all the others they messed up in the Legion’s series) and the whole merged team is still there. I just wish they could get another shot at a title without writers who aren’t as big of idiots as the ones who ruined the last book and make them write them off as the Earth 2 Legion as not to piss everyone off. Maybe if the storyline does well enough, we’ll see something in the future.

New 52 Futures End #41 – Superman is back in the battle against the weird Brainiac creature. Meanwhile, Batman and team head off to Mister Terrific’s office to try to stop everything that is going on. As for the weird part, when Hawkman attacks Brainiac, the energy he gets caught in reveals all sorts of alternate universes to him, we see his alternate versions, and he cries out to Shayera. Yeah, this is definitely leading into some complex Multiverse stuff.

New Suicide Squad #7 – The team is on the run from the last of the new hero clones in China. They end up in a ghost town designed to be like Metropolis trying to hide. The clone starts getting a conscience which the Chinese government doesn’t like and tries to take him down. This starts bringing the city down around the Squad including Harley who is trapped and the only person who might have been able to help her (Reverse Flash) has a blown out knee from last issue. As is that isn’t a big enough mess, how can she be here with the Squad and yet acting and looking totally different over in her own comic where she is free. This makes no sense at all. Pay attention, editors. I’m ready to just give up on the editors at DC. *Shakes head and goes on to the next comic*

Secret Six #2 – We learn more about Thomas Blake’s history in the New 52 universe while the team tries to escape and figure out what the secret is that their captors want revealed. It’s interesting how the group is interacting. I’m still trying to figure out if Black Alice’s powers are the same in this universe as she transforms into an Etrigan-like character with a rhyme of her own. I really want to see more of her and Catman. I’m sure they should all flesh out nice. After all, we’ve got Gail Simone working on this. I’m really looking forward to seeing where this series goes.

There are definitely some interesting stuff this week as well as some just blah bombs. Top props are going to go to Harley Quinn: Valentine’s Day Special and Secret Six. I was tempted to go with Future’s End for all the Multiverse stuff coming up, but I think New Suicide Squad is going to be getting the 3rd place spot this time. The character interaction is just great.

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