Weekly Comic Review for 11/28/12

I was actually caught up by the end of the weekend on my reading but loss of my internet connectivity followed by a busy schedule foiled my plans to get this up more timely. Let’s get on with this so I don’t delay things any longer…

All-New X-Men #2 – Beast convinces the original X-Men to return with him to the future to try to turn things around with Cyclops. Things don’t go as well as planned. Jean’s appearance of Jean throws everyone for a loop and then Beast’s mutation puts him in a coma. On top of everything else, the knowledge that she will have telepathic abilities causes Jean to trigger her powers early and the young team sneaks off to investigate things, taking off in the Blackbird. It’s an interesting story but the book is going worse than the biweekly comics — the next issue came out this week already. Weekly is a bit too much.

Arrow #1 – Spinning off from the TV show, Oliver Queen gets another comics title. The book comes in 3 chapters. The first deals with his origin, showing scenes from the TV show. The second chapter shows him going to work against one of the bad guys of Startling City in an original story. The last chapter introduces us to a character who also just appeared briefly in the last episode of the TV show. It’s a decent story and seem to have a strong link to the TV show.

Green Hornet #31 – This issue, Scowl pursues a girl in his class while the Hornet’s nest gets attacked. Clutch saves Britt from the attack as Scowl finds out who the new arms dealer is. Sadly, he shows up just in time to see the ruins of the house. The art in the book is kinda off, with characters looking thin in one panel and kinda chubby in another.

Hero Worship #5 – The truth about the origins of Zenith and Apex is finally revealed. Following further signs of a conscience, Apex is pulled aside and told the truth to try to get him to help them stop Zenith. Sadly, his mother is all about the money and such. This s getting interesting.

Phantom Lady #4 of 4 – Phantom Lady and Doll man have their final battle with Bender. After the battle, the Ray and Uncle Sam show up to clean things up and make the pair offers to get them onto their team. This is definitely looking like it’s leading into a Freedom Fighters group or even a title. I really like the dynamic between the 2 main characters from this book.

Red Lanterns #14 – Rise of the Third Army – Atrocitus, Rancor and Bleez fight off the Third Army. Atrocitus decided Rancor needs to go back to Earth to deal with his vengeance. Bleez escorts him but Dex-Starr follows too because of his hatred for Midnighter. On top of it, he even talks. (Huh?!?) They should have done more with Dex-Starr’s origin since he’s from Earth too.

Talon #2 – Talon and Clark may share a dislike for the Court of Owls, but that’s about it. They don’t have a light in common when it comes to methods which causes their first mission together (Clark working remotely) to almost fall right apart. Talon survived but ends up with major distrust of Clark. Not sure how they are going to work together. I’m not a Batman fan but I thought I’d give this title a try. It’s not a bad book but not sure it’s my style.

Teen Titans #14 – It’s Red Robin, Superboy, and Wonder Girl vs. Diesel to get Cassie’s armor back. Meanwhile, Kiran gets a mental visitor who can turn her back to her human self again. What will she be ask to do or even willing to do to be normal again? Robin heads off to the big Bat title cross over and the Joker leaves a present to draw the Titans into it too. The art style is new in this issue with the inking being done in very thick outlines which doesn’t look right. I’m not sure what’s up with all the annoying art lately.

X-Men Legacy #2 – The personalities are loose again in Legion’s head and he takes off for freedom from the soldiers out to get him. He runs into a couple other mutants (One is just a pair of floating eyes and the other is some freakshow who can see how little things can piece together to trigger effects. Think of the old board game Mousetrap.) Some of the X-Men make an appearance trying to track Legion down. The mindscape look at Legion is the more interesting part of this book.

Nothing overly bad but not too many doing great this week. For the top 3, I’ll go with Arrow, Hero Worship, and Phantom Lady this week. I’m not sure if I’ll get more of Arrow but it was interesting. I’m looking forward to seeing where Hero Worship goes from here and what happens with Phantom Lady and Dollman following their mini-series.

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