DC’s LEGO Universe Gets a Little More Bizarre

I hadn’t even realized this was out until I happened to see it in the store on release day. I wasn’t really sure what to make of it when I saw it and wasn’t even 100% sure I’d pick it up but I did. I had just recently re-watched The LEGO Movie so I was hoping it would be as good.

We start out seeing Bizarro before we even see Superman. The graphics are decent. They aren’t LEGO Movie level but they are still good enough. The movie is goofy. It borders that line of being “good goofy” and “bad goofy”. I think the movie is made to be more for kids than a lot of the animations I’ve seen recently.I was still able to enjoy the movie though.

As I said, we start out with Bizarro already out and about and trying to save Metropolis. Well, whatever “save” means to him. Superman is embarrassed by him and takes him off to Bizarro World. I have no idea how he found this cubed planet but he takes him there, going through some weird field that throws his powers off. (There were some orange crystals that I thought was gold kryptonite at first but I was wrong.) Jump forward and We have the LEGO Justice League which includes Superman, Batman (who doesn’t trust Superman), Flash, Wonder Woman, Hawkman, and Plastic Man along with supposedly rookie members Cyborg and Green Lantern/Guy Gardner. When the alert goes off for a break in at Luthor’s lab, only Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Guy assist. They get there and Bizarro has Lex’s clone ray which he uses to make Bizarro versions of the other 4 heroes. Wonder Woman’s Bizarro is not as graceful or pretty as the original, Batzarro is not as bright and his cowl keeps turning around, Cyborg is all run down with a wind key on his back, and the Bizarro version of Guy is afraid and keeps making a green teddy bear.

The 5 League members follow the Bizarros to their planet to find Darkseid there gathering up the afore mentioned crystals. The only other one with Darkseid is Desaad who is quite goofy given what his regular version is like. The 2 leagues work together since the Justice League’s powers don’t work so well on Bizarro World. (Guy keeps making chickens, Wonder Woman keeps face-planting on the ground, and Cyborg keeps falling apart.) Eventually, they work everything out, The Bizarro League gets their planet back, and Batman starts to trust Superman.

It’s a pretty simple movie. As I said, it’s even more child targeted than other movies I’ve seen. There are only a couple special features. One is on the history of Bizarro and what they were able to do with the LEGO characters in this movie. There’s also another sort with how Batman joined the League in this version of it. On top of what comes on the Blu-Ray, the box also came with a LEGO Batzarro toy. If I had known what it as really like, would I have bought it? Maybe not. I did enjoy it but it definitely doesn’t have the appeal of other animated features, like the recent Aquaman one. If you have a chance to watch it and nothing else to do, feel free to give it a viewing for a little laugh though.

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