Weekly Comic Review for 8/17/11

I’m home sick tonight so I figured it’s the perfect time to finally get caught up on my reviews. So, here we go on the first post…

Avengers Academy #18 – “Fear Itself” continues. The academy kids may be getting better but they aren’t powerful enough to take on a pair of gods. They do have some smarts though. (That’s something Absorbing Man and Titania were never overly full of.) They are able to hold them off but the real fun comes in the final pages as we see creatures that look like Bug from the Micronauts. If “Fear Itself” brings the Micronauts around to the title, it might be worth it.

Flaspoint: Abin Sure – Green Lantern #3 (of 3) – Abin proves how strong his willpower is as he reconstructs his hand and takes on Sinestro. Defeating him, he heads off to the big battle on Earth. Turning his back on the Guardians’ demand to find the white entity, they cut him off from the corps and he shows up to the war with only a little power left. It’s not enough to keep him alive through the battle. Even though he didn’t find the white entity, the white entity finds him, and the White Lantern for his reality is created.

Flashpoint: Legion of Doom #3 (of 3) – As psychotic as Plastic Man is, Heat Wave crosses even his lines and Plas starts taking down some of the villains. When he turns on Heat Wave, the villain turns up the heat on Plastic Man. This leads to the battle between Heat Wave and Cyborg which Cyborg obviously. Back in prison, Heat Wave discovers that he didn’t do as good a job on Plastic Man as he thought.

Green Lantern Corps #63 – This issue is a number of very brief stories. The first is about Boodika. The next is about Saalik and a few third string lanterns. The third chapter is about Kyle, Tomar Tu, and a numberof lanterns who don’t like the Earth GLs. The final chapter brings everyone together to head off on some mission as the series ends.

Justice League of America #60 – Well, it looked like last issue was the end but I guess they came back for one more issue. The issue is full of reasons why each member is leaving the team combined with splash pages announcing stories of battles that supposedly happened but that we never heard of before. I guess it was to make them seem like total losers for quitting so soon after forming up.

Legion of Super-Heroes #16 – It’s the final battle between the Legion of Super-Heroes and the Legion of Super-Villains. The good guys finally win but there’s a sacrifice. To win, Earth Man takes on the power of the entire Legion which burns him out. With the battle finally won, Mon-El turns in his Green Lantern ring. We will just have to see where the new series leads us.

Superboy #11 – Given it’s the last issue, it’s just Superboy and crew wrapping up the battle with the Hallow Men, waking the people of Smallville, and settling in to relax. The story behind Psion is dropped as Superboy is relaunched.

Titans #38 – The battle between the members of the Titans rages on until the machine is destroyed. The members each go their own way leaving Arsenal and Jerricho to form a new Titans team. Which of course won’t happen since it’s the last issue. Maybe they should have had Joey in Roy’s new title. The issue ends with a funeral for Ryan Choi.

Zatanna #16 – We’re finally on Z’s last issue. She has to work for it too. Uriah, a being from Klarion’s race who steals a book from Zatanna’s race and takes her on a chase through dimensions. Zatanna is able to trick him and get him back to Limbo Town. Then she heads back to sleep to dream about a beach and cute guys. Sounds like a nice way to end to me.

I must say that I am truly ready for this “Fear Itself” crossover to end. Marvel’s storylines step into so many titles and take so long that it’s ridiculous. I tend to get bored with the story long before it actually ends. I’ll be more than glad once titles get back to their regular stuff.

As for the top 3, with so much ending and not with a bang, it’s a lot tougher to find good stuff. Since I’ve promised myself I’d pick 3 for each week though, they are Flaspoint: Abin Sure – Green Lantern, Legion of Super-Heroes, and Zatanna. It’s getting late so I’ll get to the second week after I get up. I need some sleep so I can get over this.

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