Weekly Comic Review for 2/6/13

The last couple weeks of work have been crazy and I haven’t been able to post like I’d wanted but I have been able to catch up on reading. I’ve got a few weeks of comics to write about. And here’s the first one…

All-New X-Men #7 – The young Scott goes to his safety deposit box to check into some stuff and finds a copy of Scott and Jean’s wedding invitation. He also gets an invitation from Mystique (who initially looks like Wolverine which keeps things interesting) who starts playing him. He ends up back at the school where Kitty is teaching the young X-Men a few lessons. The character building of this group is quite interesting as the young team learns about their future and the modern characters react to the younger ones.

Dial H #9 – We get a little more background on the Centipede as the dialers work on breaking into the base where the other dial is. It’s really sad how slow the book actually is.

Earth 2 #9 – We start off meeting Khalid who is this world’s Doctor Fate. Somehow, he is linked to Hawkgirl which sorta fits the old history. Meanwhile, Flash goes home where he’s attacked by Atom, Sandman, and their team. Khalid saves Flash and his mother but the three of them end up at Fate’s tower where we also get to meet Wotan. This could get interesting.

Harbiner #0 – This is a story of the history of Toyo Harada told over him sending a young psiot on a mission.

Human Bomb #3 of 4 – Michael and Joan fight the aliens with their team. Michael has a much different view of how things should be handled which causes Joan to first control him to force him to use his powers to the max and then put him to sleep. We also get to meet Neon briefly.

Kevin Keller #7 – Kevin is dating Devon who is afraid to come out and comes off as almost homophobic. He’s able to work it out and things get better between him and Kevin when Paul, Kevin’s admirer from early on in the series, shows up and expresses interest with the news that he came out. Things are getting messy in Kevin’s live.

New Crusaders #6 – The team fights to take control of the prison. All goes well until Fireball is taken down by the Eraser. This is the last issue of the current series (“Rise of the Heroes”) as it goes onto a new one. The backup story is about the original Fireball.

Phantom Stranger #5 – It’s Phantom Stranger vs the Spectre… until God shows up to verbally spank the pair. On top of that, the Question shows up to Terrance Thirteen to add another twist.

Shadowman #4 – Shadowman rescues Alyssa in the Deadside before returning to take down Mr. Twist. He takes Twist back to the Deadside and faces down Master Darque and traps them both there.

Son of Merlin #1 – This is a Top Cow title that caught my eye. I’m a big fan of the whole Camelot thing. This takes place in modern times where Merlin rescues his protege and gets taken down by Morgan Le Fey. Merlin’s power goes to his son who is a scientist and it becomes the job of the protege to take Merlin’s son under her wing and train him so that Morgan doesn’t get Merlin’s power. The art is beautifully painted.

Stormwatch #17 – Engineer and Harry fight over who is in control and what’s going to happen while some of the Stormwatch members get scattered. Midnighter turns to Zealot for help while Engineer pulls OMAC in to help on her side.

The books this week aren’t bad but not a lot of them stand out. Phantom Stranger is fun just for the two uber powers battling and then taken down by a small dog. Earth 2 is just growing fast and I’m glad to see Fate finally show up. Those are my 2 favorites. After that, I guess I’ll round thing up with Son of Merlin for the art and nice concept.

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