Weekly Comic Review for 1/28/15

OK. I’m a little behind from where I wanted to be (partly because of a larger list this week) so I better get going…

All-New Invaders #14 – Toro finally breaks out of his cocoon and seems the same as he was before. He an Jim Hammond come across Niles, Speedball’s cat, being held and studied by one of S.H.E.I.L.D.’s scientists who says he’s going to kill him when he’s done studying him because Niles is not human. This is done to make the Human Torch see how they might view him but it pisses me off that they might kill off Niles just for that. They better not. The Iron Cross ends up fighting some super powered Nazis and calls in the Invaders (including Falcon instead of Steve Rogers) to help. During the battle, Toro’s powers seem to take a step up just as the Inhuman Lash shows up. The splash for next issue says “The Epic Conclusion”. Looks like any new series just can’t last like the original did tho the characters have changed so much. Bringing in the Falcon even though he is called Captain America now still doesn’t make it fit.

Amazing X-Men #16 – On top of the X-Men showing up at the temple, we’ve got Crossbones, Man-Killer, and Jinn. The team is split fighting them and the ruby bug creature, a creature that it turns out can talk. Meanwhile, Colossus is still trying to bully Pixie into teleporting him there. Just to add more to the mix, who else but Cain Marko shows up. (I remember back when he was trying to be a good guy for a while. That was more interesting.)

Clive Barker’s Nightbreed #9 – Following the events of the movie, everything changes for the people of Midian. Boone and his girlfriend check out life as they are now. The other Nightbreed grow rich off a book about them and look for a new Midian to move to. Finally, the priest Ashberry continues his tracking down of the Nightbreed.

Earth 2: World’s End #17 – Things continue in the war. The Deathspawn of Apokolips is born from the body of Death and then makes it’s way to the Parliament of Earth. Meanwhile, a new match of parademons attack and Val and Kara join the others in the battle, leaving Batman to save Huntress.

Flash #38 – Flash is still caught in the Speed Force but is working on a way to get his powers back so he can escape. Back in “reality”, the youthened Flash of the future tries to take over his younger self’s life while taking out bad guys he didn’t get to in his past. This makes it look like the modern Barry is willing to kill and making others wonder what has changed. The “real”Flash better back back to his own time and stop this stuff. One cool thing about this issue is that the 75th anniversary cover is an homage to the issue where Barry met Jay Garrick.

Harley Quinn #14 – Everything is going wrong for Harley. Things from no hot water to mandatory overtime cause problem with her date with the hunky Mason as well as Skate Club. It always makes life interesting for her. Sadly, it all falls apart for her too. This is another nice cover though this time because it’s of Harley laying in bed with a sleeping Mason who is in just his Underwear. The Harley Quinn costumed stuffed cat is cute too.

Multiversity Guidebook #1 – This double sized issue starts with a story of 2 Batmen. The first story crosses multiple Earths with the Sivahnas fighting the JLA of Li’l Gotham and then introducing a new Batman. We cross into the worlds of Kimandi, BiOMAC, and the New Gods before hitting a history of the multiverse and all the reboots of them. Finally, there’s information on all of the 52 worlds. It turns out that the New 52 universe is actually Earth 0. Earth 1’s Batman doesn’t quite look like any I’ve seen. The description said that it’s a fresh new world, that the heroes (Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and the Teen Titans) are at the beginning of their careers, and the world is still pliable. This could mean that anything may go when it comes to this.

Munchkin #1 – Yes, this is a book about the world of the card game Munchkin. It’s a few cute stories with the humor of the base (i.e. D&D style) card set. In the back of the book is a “level up” Munchkin card too. It’s a cute read if you like that goofy stuff.

New 52: Futures End #39 – It’s a little of everything with Firestorm taking Dr. Polaris to the JL satellite, Frankenstein and Amethyst taking on Frank’s creator, more with John and Clark in Smallville, and more around Fifty Sue. Just to make matters worse, all sorts of alarms go off in the League’s base.

Red Lanterns #38 – This is a really weird issue. Guy is in a city that got attacked when Atrocitus was there. Somehow the rage energy has imbued all the people there and the only way Guy can get it to end is to let them let their anger out on him and let them burn up from the unfocused Red Lantern rage energy. The story seems to come out of nowhere. It serves no real purpose other than to refocus Guy on whatever his path is to be.

Definitely an interesting mix this week. My pick of the top 3 books on the list to get is Flash, Multiversity Guidebook, and Munchkin.

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