Weekly Comic Review for 4/30/14

Catching up a little more. Light week this time around.

All-New X-Men #26 – Everything is in flux after the events with the Guardians. The older Scott reaches out to the younger Jean which has a definite level of awkwardness. It also gets Kitty quite annoyed and she tells Scott that he’s never to be alone with Jean. Warren reaches out to Laura who is taking off unexpectedly but she pushes him away. After he leaves, Scott shows up (Isn’t he in space?) and attacks her. She comes crawling back into the base as we get a view of the evil Brotherhood from the future walking up. This can’t be good.

Amazing Spider-Man #1 – Peter is back in his own book again and he doesn’t even get most of it. The first story is a mix of Peter adjusting to where Doc Ock left his life and fighting Skein while half naked. Then there are short stories featuring Electro, Black Cat, Spider-Man 2099 and Kaine. Then there’s a big chunk in the back of the Inhumans storyline that was printed in everything this month. It was actually fairly disappointing. I’m not a big Spider-Man fan and this was even a letdown from what I expected.

Flash Annual #3 – It’s a story of 2 timelines. First, we see Barry in the current day who seems to be lacking some of his normal speed. He ends up meeting Wally West. He looks nothing like the pre-New 52 Wally. He has black hair instead of red and is either really tanned or part black. Then we have Barry in 20 years. His costume is midnight blue and white which looks cool. He’s made mistakes in the past involving Wally and decided so go back and fix them, but not before killing Grodd. This is a different Barry than we’ve seen, especially since the next person he wants to kill is his past self. (Can you say paradox?) Everyone’s been waiting for Wally’s return in the new 52 universe. I wonder how this will all turn out with him. Will he be the next Kid Flash or will be be something totally different this time around?

Green Lantern: New Guardians Annual #2 – This is just one really messed up story. It starts out with Kyle not being able to draw any more. Carol shows up and when he goes all super-hero, his costume is in reverse with white accents on black. It turns out that he is actually a split off that Kyle created when he crossed through the Source Wall. Oblivion, as he’s known, wants to be Kyle but everything he creates is warped. In the end, Kyle has to integrate himself with his warped version which causes him to disappear. It’s a very bizarre story to say the least.

Rai #1 – Another character from the old Valiant returns. Rai seems to appear in response to a murder in New Japan. There are questions about who he is, what he is, and where he comes from. Overall, the book wasn’t that interesting so that made it even harder to follow because I really didn’t want to read it much.

Only 5 books this week so that means the worst 2 don’t make the top 3. That leaves All-New X-Men, Flash Annual, and Green Lantern: New Guardians Annual as the top 3. Flash Annual was a definte and All-New X-Men just made it because the other 2 left were just nowhere near good enough.

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