Weekly Comic Review for 2/4/15

OK. Got through my books a little faster this week.

Ant-Man #2 – It’s another instance of my least favorite story mechanic. Yes, it’s the now/earlier/now again segments. We start off with a C or D-list bad guy named Grizzly breaking through glass windows and attacking Scott. It turns out he was actually after the previous Ant-Man. We then jump back to Scott with Cassie going to a bank where he is trying to get a loan. From the descriptions, he submitted the sloppiest loan application in history. In trying to show his skills and how bad the bank’s security is, he instead makes the bankers think he’s trying to rob the place. He also lets loose a gold producing Nazi robot. (WTF!? Really???) He takes it down and, while not securing his loan, he does manage to find a business partner in the stereotypical old rich woman behind the bank. Oddly enough, she is supposedly the one who trapped the robot in the bank way back when in the first place. I’m not sure if this is supposed to be some retired old WWII heroine that was an ally of the Invaders or some new character all together but she buys in on his security business idea. We then jump forward to Scott talking to Grizzly post-fight and then hiring him on as the muscle for his security agency. Not too sure how I feel about this book. The only thing I really want to see so far who Ms. Morgenstern really is.

Earth 2 #31 – Most of the issue revolved around Dr. Fate. Nabu pulls Khalid away from his friends on Earth to strike at Apocolips. While there, Nabu betrays Khalid and takes on a mage of Apocolips as a host instead. The mage overpowers Nabu though and Khalid has to fight to get the power of Dr. Fate back. Before he does that though, Fate’s power is used to re-boost the attack on Earth. There’s also a brief bit about Atlantis, what’s happened to it since Aquawoman had been gone, and how it jumps into the war.

Earth 2: World’s End #18 – The first part of the issue is all just talk. There is some link between Helena and Oliver Queen so we’ll be seeing him. There are a couple big points though. There are a couple points of interest though. A tone point, some giant cube (a Motherbox?) drops in. And at the end, the spawn of Death makes its way into the Parliament’s dimension which takes out most of the Parliament and their avatars. At least Green Lantern gets pulled in by the Green.

Grayson #7 – Matron and Spyral keep looking into where Dick disappeared to while trying to stop the Hand of Cain. They find through the implants that Dick had been captured by Midnighter and transmit info to him to make him want to go with Dick to help out. Honestly, the series hasn’t been all that interesting. I wasn’t sure what to expect of it but there hasn’t been all that much to it. I’m thinking of dropping it.

Green Arrow #37 – Things are going from bad to worse for Oliver with King moving in on things. Felicity tracks down the person who sabotaged the Queen Foundation and it turns out to be Oliver’s girlfriend who has actually turned to King’s side. Then King gets Felicity arrested for all the hacking she’s done and she gets put in a cell with Cheetah who it turns out she has wronged. Luckily, Steve Trevor gets Ollie in the prison and he rescues Felicity just in time. It’s come to the point of needing to take King out so a small team of allies are pulled together. (Arsenal, Batman, Luthor, Cupid, Katana, etc.)

Green Lantern #39 – First, a small rock turns a planet to stone which sends a ripple through the mystical community. (Constantine, Raven, and Shazam are shown.) After that, it’d mostly all about the fallout that’s caused a major bad reputation for the corps after the last 5 or 6 story arcs. The Guardians pull in Hal to figure out what to do. Now we just need to wait and see what happens.

Lobo #5 – Lobo takes out 2 more of the mercenaries that he has contracts on. (Heck, the first is dead by the end of page 2! He’s good.) Between the flashbacks and someone new Lobo encounters on his current hunt, we learn a lot more about his history and the history of Czarnia. I’m really liking this Lobo a lot more than the old one. There’s still enough that’s the same but he’s a lot less rough around the edges.

New 52 Futures End #40 – As usual, there’s a handful of little things going on with characters like Contantine, Batman, Red Robin, and such but the main story this issue revolved around the Justice League and Stormwatch. When Atom shows up to the Justice League, Engineer loses it again and tries to take out him and Hawkman. She then initiates Brainiac’s appearance near Earth as well as an attack on Earth through thousands of small spheres. At least Superman’s back to lend a hand though.

The books fall across the range this week but there were definitely standouts in Earth 2, Green Arrow, and Lobo. This is the first time in a while that Earth 2 has been that interesting but the whole conflict between Nabu and Khalid was interesting. It’s good to be back on Green Arrow again and I’m glad I took a risk on Lobo.

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