Weekly Comic Review for 12/24/13

Might as well get this one of out of the way too since it’s a short one.

Forever Evil #4 of 7 – Well, we’ve reached the half way point. Batman takes Catwoman (blindfolded, of course) to the Bat Cave to see what he could dig up for the fight. Her commentary about stuff (like the dinosaur) is classic. Bats ends up going all “Tower of Babel” and pulls out the tools he had to take down the League if needed. (kryptonite… which is only going to strengthen Ultraman, a Sinestro ring, the future lightning rod… from when the Legion brought Wally back??, and a Mother Box for Cyborg? Nothing for himself or Diana though.) Meanwhile, Luthor and crew start pulling their plans together as they try to get Black Adam on his feet again. Subject B-Zero finally gets his name of Bizarro by his own mispronunciation of the designation. Pretty cool. And then on the Crime Syndicate side, Power Ring is bring sent off on his own as his ring is running low and he’s totally flipping out and asks for back-up. All three of these teams end up meeting at Wayne Enterprises along with a surprise guest… Sinestro. I can’t wait to see how this all pans out. This issue had some great writing.

Justice League #26 – Forever Evil tie-in – Yes, it’s an all Forever Evil week for me. Despite the cover that makes it look like a follow up to the Forever Evil issue, it isn’t. (I was a little disappointed because I wanted to see what happened but it turns out good anyway. This issue is a lot of background on the Crime Syndicate. For the most part, it’s about Grid trying to feel something. When he was part of Cyborg, Victor did the feeling and he did the calculation and storing. Now he wants it all and is still unemotional. He starts looking into the Syndicate’s background to see if he can get some insight. So we get the origins of a few members. Power Ring is a sniveling Hal Jordon who get the Ring of Volthoon (yes, the First Lantern) from Abin Sur who tricks him into taking it. It turns out that charging the ring is painful and has something to do with a creature of another dimension instead of a battery. No wonder he’s so messed up in the other comic this week. Johnny Quick and Atomica were a bad guy couple on Earth 3. The police arresting Johnny (pre-powers) were actually Flash’s Rogues who were good guys here. Johnny and Atomica were psycho even at this point but after killing the last of the “Rogues”, a lightning shock gives Johnny powers while Rhonda is knocked down near Ray Palmer (a.k.a. Atomico) who is in some “Do Not Approach” storage container. (Oops!) Finally, we meet Professor Stein who is trying to find a link between life and death and ends up merging himself with a corpse. (ICK!) Superwoman’s history has been wiped from Owlman’s files though. We also get a look into a couple other things as Superwoman tells Ultra Man she’s pregnant and that Owlman is turning on them. The Outsider checks on the mysterious figure they brought with them too. Can’t wait to see who that is.

This was really a great week. I recommend both books 100%. There may not be enough for a top 3 but these two would be in it even if there were more. Both books really have me wondering what’s coming next.

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