Weekly Comic Review for 4/24/13

It’s been a crazy week but here I am. Did everyone get out today for Free Comic Book Day? It’s a light week but here are the books I got.

Avengers Arena #8 – We finally find out what happened to Juston. Turns out what the Sentinel saved him but he can’t walk now so he’s been doing his best to repair the Sentinel. And now X-23 is helping him. Then, we see the repercussions of Anachronism killing Kid Britton. While the one groups tries to deal with it, Cammi and the runaways join in with them. And it looks like Bloodstone may have a crush on Anachronism. (I was wondering about that before but there wasn’t enough to really say. Very cool to have another gay character. I just hope that they don’t end up just killing him off, especially soon. We also find out that Apex (among whatever other powers she had) isn’t just a she as she turns into a he. This happens just in time to get attacked by the repaired Sentinel which causes Chase to become Darkhawk. We still don’t know what happened to Chris Powell though. It was a batter issue than usual.

Red Lanterns #19 – Wrath of the First Lantern part 12 – At his command, the Red Lanterns attack Atrocitus. This includes Bleez and Rancorr returning from Earth. With all the Lanterns attacking Atrocitus (including Dex-Starr), he gets his will to live back. This is a pretty quick turn around. So, in the middle of them all beating on him, Atrocitus tells everyone to stop and he leads them off to Oa to fight the Guardians. The quick end to the Earth storyline and the turns around on Atrocitus’s commands are all pretty lame. I was hoping the stuff on Earth would get more interesting.

Scarlet Spider #16 – With all the things that Kaine could be afraid of, it seems the biggest currently is having to go to a rodeo. Though seeing Annabelle in a skimpy outfit seemed to change his mind. Armadillo makes a drunk appearance at the rodeo though which ends up showing Kaine that he needs to show his feelings to Annabelle. It looks like Annabelle is up to something though since she destroyed a message from Julia Carpenter.

Teen Titans #19 – A fight with Red Robin over the attack on Amanda Waller last issue is ended when the team runs off to fight Trigon. With the Ravagers title ending, Beast Boy appears over in this title but not as a title but as a recruit of Raven’s. On top of that, we’re introduced to the New 52’s Psimon. He doesn’t have to clear brain bubble but you can still see his brain through his skull. A little better looking but still kinda weird. On top of all that, the Titans get their asses kicked by Trigon. The original ones had Raven on their side so this will be a little more difficult.

Young Avengers #4 – Noh-Varr and Hawkeye finally join the other Young Avengers. This means more psycho parents creatures. Wiccan finally agrees to loan his powers to Loki and then Loki takes off. Thankfully, it’s only for 10 minutes in case Loki doesn’t some back. The storyline is running kinda slow. I wish it would get going and get the team going and working together. This evil parent parasite thing is kinda boring.

With only 5 books this week, I’m going to pretend there’s a Bottom 3 and just pick a Top 2. Those are Avengers Arena and Scarlet Spider. The others are all questionable this week.

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