Weekly Comic Review for 12/31/13

Before I get caught into a busy weekend and my last week of packing before I move, I figured I better get to this.

Damian, Son of Batman #3 of 4 – Damian survives the fall at the end of the last issue, but just barely. Alfred pulls him out of the river and takes him back to the Bat Cave to patch him up. Sadly, it’s the last thing he does as he dies right there in the cave. That leaves Damian with only the cat to talk to. Oddly enough, the cat talks to him too. Not sure where the lines of reality lie here as it doesn’t really say. All we see is a talking cat. Bruce gets kidnapped from the hospital and Damian tracks him down to a new Joker. Not sure if there’s any connection to the original or if it’s just someone taking the name. The issue makes lots of jumps in story telling that makes it a bit confusing. This could definitely be better.

Justice League Dark #26 – Forever Evil: Blight tie-in – The team recovers from the spell and Phantom Stranger disappears. The rest of the team goes hunting for the JLD and finds the Crime Syndicate’s Aquaman instead. Or do they? It’s his body, but it turns out that the way that he’s animated again is because Deadman has been inhabiting him but has his mind all messed up. The team finally gets through to him but Constantine decides that it’s best Boston stay in there so he traps his comrade in the body. There’s still no sign of the other heroes though and we’re left with the Phantom Stranger at Blight’s side. We know where the other 2 Leagues are. Can we get some hints here please? I’ll be glad when this is all over.

Legenderry #1 – You like steampunk? You’ll like this one. We’ve got steampunk versions of the Green Hornet and Vampirella in here. We also have the sister of Red Sonja who is being chased by a bunch of men who are identical down to a scar on their faces. The game is afoot as the heroes start trying to figure out what’s going on. This should be interesting.

Red Lantern #26 – The Red Lanterns are captured but thanks to Zox and Ratchet, they are able to escape. Ratchet sacrifices his life to save his teammates and his ring goes off to find a new owner. Meanwhile, Atrocitus and Dex-Starr get a red ring from a newly empowered Red Lantern. Now just to see how well these 2 teams play together.

Teen Titans #26 – It’s the origin of Kid Flash as we see him grow up, get his powers, turn on the rebellion, and go to the past to become a member of the Teen Titans. It’s actually a pretty interesting story. But the real question is where he goes now.

This month, the end of the list is the top. Legenderry is very well done, Teen Titans finally does well with a well written Kid Flash origin, and the growing characterization in Red Lantern is making it more interesting. Overall, a pretty good week.

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