Weekly Comic Review for 1/9/2013

Hi, everyone. I’m back. Things have been a little crazy lately but I plan on catching up on my reviews. One thing that didn’t help was that the first book I decided to read ended up being so bad that I couldn’t make it through the book after a few tries and eventually had to skip it to get through the other 10 comics. So, let’s get started…

Dial H #8 – There’s a lot going on this issue. We get some background on the Centipede who ends up tracking down Manteau. After Nelson runs into another dial user (once he gets past all the delusions), the Centipede even tracks down Nelson and steals the dial from him. Nelson’s not hte best hero.

Earth 2 #8 – This issue focuses on Steppenwolf and introduces Wonder Woman’s daughter, Fury.

Green Lantern: New Guardians Annual #1 – This is the one that held things up. Kyle only makes a short appearance and is left behind on Zamaron. The issue mostly focuses on Carol, Saint Walker, Arkillo, and newly introduced Green Lantern Jediah Caul. Carol gets traded into a survival space entertainment show called The Hunted. The annual is mostly just a way to launch the new title Threshold instead of really furthering the title.

Human Bomb #2 of 4 – Michael joins Uncle Sam where he learns more about what happened to him and who the people after him are. We also meet the telepath, Joan, who I assume is the new version of Miss America. (Joan was her name after all.) It turns out the Michael is a meta who can redirect energy. He seems to have more control than prior versions.

New Crusaders #5 – The Brain Emperor starts breaking villains out of jail while the Crusaders run off on their first mission to stop him. Hangman, The Black Hood, and Deadly Force show up in the end to assist. (Never heard of Deadly Force before.) The backup story is about the Black Hood.

Phantom Stranger #4 – John Constantine abducts the Phantom Stranger while he’s out with his wife. The Justice League Dark try to get him to join but he’s not interested and he shows him that the hard way. It’s fun to watch him kick the JLD around. When he gets back, his wife is gone though and when he gets home, the baby sitter is dead and his kids are missing too. It’s not nice to fool with an already pissed of Stranger but Pandora shows up and suspects that the one person who could stand up to him is behind it. I guess we’ll find out next issue is he is.

Scarlet Spider #13 – The Lobo Cartel show up for Aracely and it’s up to the Scarlet Spider to protect her. As much as he works to do that, Kaine may not be up to protecting himself. It’s pretty much a fight directed issue.

Shadowman #3 – With Mr. Twist on the rampage, it’s up to Alyssa to help Jack escape while Dox takes on Twist. They escape into the Deadside where Jack meats a talking monkey named Jaunty. Jaunty takes him to meet the prior Shadowman who gives him a choice on whether he wants to take on the role or not. He also lets Jack in on a bit of information about the Shadowman as well as Jack’s parents. (He’s Jack’s father after all.)

Stormwatch #16 – The truth outs about Harry Tanner and it turns out there is a traitor in Stormwatch after all. It just wasn’t Midnighter.

Superior Spider-Man #1 – Doc Ock is now in Peter Parker’s body. He’s stuck up and using all the resources that Peter had gathered in his life. He’s not the hero Peter was but he takes on the new Sinister Six which includes a female version of the Beetle. He doesn’t have Peter’s quips and is just demeaning and insulting instead. Plus, he’s a letch around Mary Jane. Luckily, it looks like part of Peter’s mind is still in there guiding him. I wonder how long before Peter comes back because the character is annoying like this. I wonder if and how this version of the character will be reflected in other titles like the other Spider-Man titles and the Avengers titles he’s in.

X-Men Legacy #4 – The X-Men show up to take the children and Legion tries to bluff them out but in the log run, lets the kids go. It seems that the brother has a plan of his own though.

Quite a mix of books this week. Some good and some not so great. There were a few that rose to the top though. The top 3 for the week were Earth 2, Phantom Stranger, and Shadowman. I’ll work on getting the rest of the reviews up soon.

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