Weekly Comic Review for 10/31/12

It was a pretty short week last week. Here’s what I picked up.

Doctor Who #2 – The Doctor, with Amy in tow, tracks down the energy source of the mysterious device down to the TARDIS. Meanwhile, the shadow “man” is causing all sorts of trouble. The Doctor shows up just in time to get caught in the middle of it. For someone as old as he is, you’d really think he’d learn not to blindly step in the middle of everything. I’m surprised he’s not running around sticking his finger in light sockets and such. In the end, it’s up to Amy to the save the day. Tho, as they head off to their next adventure, we find the solution might not be as resolved as they thought.

Green Hornet #30 – Things are rough between Britt and Mulan as he takes off on a mission with the former Moonbeam (now going by Scowl after his former mentor). Scowl had really grown up too with his own gadgets and increased confidence. Britt also looks up the new mayor whom he seems to have quite a history with. This new mayor is quite supportive of the Green Hornet which means a while new role for Green Hornet in the city.

Masters of the Universe: The Origin of Skeletor #1 – Given the whole “uncle” bit tossed around in the main title, it’s interesting to see some history of Skeletor. We get to see Randor and Keldor (Skeletor’s real name) as kids and learn they are only half brothers as Keldor is half Gar, some blue skinned race. The story follows Keldor as he heads off to meet Randor, flashbacks filling in the story. We see Hordak take him in and turn him into Skeletor.

Phantom Lady #3 of 4 – It’s Phantom Lady and Doll Man vs the undead power of Funerella. It’s interesting watching the two of them in their first real battle. There’s also a one page cameo of the Ray (the new one from the recent mini-series) and Uncle Sam (a black man in a suit, not the traditional looking one from the pre-New 52 days). It looks like they might be trying to pull together the Freedom Fighters in their new iterations. It would be interesting to see.

With just the 4 titles, the top 3 are obvious: Green Hornet, Masters of the Universe: The Origin of Skeletor, and Phantom Lady. Looks like there should be more for me to read this next Wednesday.

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