Weekly Comic Review for 7/8/15

Despite the number of comics in my pile, it’s not a very big week.

Archie #1 – It’s a fresh start with a new look as Archie relaunches after ending with issue #666. There are 22 different covers, 21 regular covers and the blank one. (I picked up a few of them.) It’s a fresh, modern look to the comic instead of the classic look that Archie and gang always had. The book starts from early on too. We’ve got Archie, Jughead, Dillon, Reggie, and even Kevin who actually didn’t arrive until later. We have Betty (who is recently Archie’s ex) but Veronica is not yet in town. (The Lodges are on their way and will probably appear in issue 2.) There’s also a reprint of the 6 page first appearance of Archie from Pep #22. I like the style for the most part. I wasn’t expecting a total reboot tho. That part I’m not too sure about. I guess we’ll see how things go from here.

Earth 2: Society #2 – I’m still hating the year jumps back and forth. I wish they just told the story in a linear fashion. We’re still getting a lot of set-up as Terry Sloan steams the source vault. Honestly, things have not looked up for Earth 2 since the original series. This one may not survive my pull list this time.

Justice League of America #2 – Rao is on earth and his people are going around doing all sorts of good will, healing people and such. They even reach out to Atlantis which Aquaman isn’t happy about. Everything seems great and I can’t tell what’s going to go wrong with this yet. On the last page though, we see Wonder Woman come out of being unconscious to find Olympus destroyed. I’m assuming this will be related. Just not quite sure how yet. I’m not totally pulled in on this story yet.

Justice League United #11 – When we open the book, we see a team led by Equinox but made up of Mera, Swamp Thing, Poison Ivy, and Etrigan. After the splash page, we see the team members that are left (Animal Man, Stargirl, Equinox, and Alana) all go out to recruit the other characters. It seems like this title might be turning into DC’s version of the Secret Defenders with a new team for each mission. For now, all we know is the team is together out on a ship to take on what looks like a giant mound of strawberry Jell-O. (With all the recruiting and back story on that, there isn’t much room for what happens after. I’m not sure if I’ll like this concept or not. It can be cool but I really liked the original team. We’ll have to see how it goes.

Starfire #2 – We’re back with a confused Kory in the middle of a terrible storm. She goes around saving people including the sheriff’s brother who went out on the sea to save some people.Other the appearance of a demon or something that’s a set-up for the next issue, that’s about all that goes on. This is definitely a light humor book. It’s fun, but I hope they don’t go over the line and stay there because I could see that happening.

My pics for the top 3 are kinda limited this time around. Archie and Starfire are both interesting books for a read. Of the other 3, I guess I’ll go with Justice League United for the 3rd spot. It’s interesting to see how they are addressing the new style. Plus, the other 2 just don’t rank.

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