Weekly Comics Review for 8/12/15

This weekend I’ll be at the Game On Expo in Mesa. AZ. Let’s see if I can get in a couple comic reviews tho.

Earth 2: Society #3 – The heroes (including a Power Girl who is being quite bitchy towards Superman) take on Terry Sloan who is trying to set off the effect to turn this planet into a true copy of Earth 2. We also get a flashback to right after the crashes when the citizens turned on Red Tornado, calling her an alien and a freak. One family took kind to her once she was able to reunite them all. This explains the Red Tornado wearing clothes at the start of the episode and on the cover. Alan Scott (or The Green as he’s calling himself now) is proving to be quite cold and inhuman in his reactions. In the end, they stop Terry but someone had killed him and stole the source vault. We end with “Our whole society is in jeopardy.” Dramatic much? This series doesn’t have any more draw than the original series did at the end. They started off interestingly but this Earth 2 took a bad turn early and still isn’t recovering. Can we have the original one back please?

Green Arrow #43 – The Panopticons are running the city and everyone is scared. Everyone has gotten into wearing hoodies so that the stupid machines don’t see their faces and think they are criminals. The mayor’s office is saying that they are in charge for now, that there are “political and business interests” involved, and there is no proof that the Panopticons did all the extra killing. Once they are gone, that guy should probably get a lynching. That has to be one of the worst political moves ever. Eventually Emiko (with George by her side) showed up to save Oliver who was already escaping already. With some help from Henry, they are able to take all the robots down as well as the guy behind them.

Justice League United #12 – The team goes from whining about what can they do and why were they chosen to kicking the giant blob’s metaphorical ass. I’m not sure if this is just an extra whiny group or what. We also see Stargirl off recruiting Robotman (from the Doom Patrol) and Batgirl for the next mission. From what Courtney says, it seems Adam is stuck in the zeta beam and can see who is needed for all these situations. Very weird. It’ll be cool to see new heroes in different combinations, but I’m honestly not sure how this will work out. This is more Secret Defenders than Brave and the Bold and that title only lasted a couple years.

Secret Wars #5 of 8 – It’s been announced that this will be changing to “of 9” so there’s more time for storytelling. A bunch of people got together at a memorial for Steven Strange, not knowing that he was the one who killed him. Then Doom goes into a cave where he’s had Molecule Man trapped all this time. (This is some really messed up shit!) Valeria is sent on a mission to track down and capture all the people from the life rafts. I’m thinking she is starting to suspect something is up. This has got to be the slowest and least eventful issue so far. I’m to the point where I just want to get this over with and find out what happens so we can get on to everything after this.

Starfire #3 – I’m not sure if all the craziness is starting since Starfire moved there but this place is going crazy. On top of the demon last issue, we have some guy who was rescued by a cruise ship who kills the crew once a clue about him is discovered. The boat crashes into the docks and Stella has to look into it. To keep Kory out of trouble, she sends her off to a restaurant where all the guys are buying her drinks. Then the demon attacks. But it’s not after Kory, it’s after the waitress who is some sort of super-hero it seems. The place is pretty weird for an island that seemed pretty quiet otherwise and out of the way.

None of the books really stand out as exceptional this week. If I had to buy 3 and only 3 thought, it would be Green Arrow, Justice League United, and Starfire.

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