Zachary Quinto Comes Out

OK. It seems I’m a little behind in the news. I just saw today that Zachary Quinto recently came out. Zachary is best know for his roles as Sylar on Heroes and Spock in the recent Star Trek movie. I can’t say it’s really surprising news. It is good news though. OK, beyond the fast that an incredibly sexy and famous guy is gay (which I’m sure will just fuel even more horny dreams than he already has), it really can’t hurt having a positive gay role model out there. Every person who is in the spotlight who comes out and shows that gays are not the freaks and deviants that so many people want to see us as. Most actors are afraid to come out due to the effect it may have on their career. Some people may not go see their movies or they may become stereotyped. I’m glad that Zachary Quinto decided to take the risk.

And why did he take the risk? After the news of the suicide of Jamey Rodemeyer, a teen from Buffalo, NY (my hometown), he decided he needed to speak out and come out. I wish more people had the guts he’s shown. Is coming out easy? Hell no! For many, especially teens still living with families who may be more conservative. But nowadays there is a lot more support out there and hacing high profile people like Zachary Quinto out there representing us, things can only get better.

Thank you, Zachary. Excuse the pun, but you are definitely a hero.

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