Weekly Comic Review fo 11/30/11

And now I’ll be caught up to this past week. Being a 5th comic week, the pickings were slim. I only ended up with 2 comics this week (which means I obviously won’t be doing a top 3 again).

Herc #10 – This is part 2 of the storyline with Electra and a mortal Zeus. We get some background from Kingpin on where Baba Yaga came from. It turns out the Russian mafia summoned her and she took over. (Makes about as much sense as anything else nowadays. *sigh*) Zeus continues to make a fool of himself, getting beaten up by Kingpin among other things. (I was actually rooting for Kingpin this time around.) Herc and Zeus trick Electra into taking their magical items which Baba Yaga is collecting so they can track the witch down. With a last minute turn by Electra, Baba Yago is defeated and the power she had collected is used to re-empower Zeus. In gratitude, Zeus tries to give Hercules his godhood back but Hercules refuses, preferring to stay a mortal. Hopefully he’ll get back to his old self again soon enough though and get rid of his “Nerds Three”.

Legion Secret Origin #2 – The back history of the Legion of Super-Heroes’ formation continues. There are more attacks on his life and more progress on the characters introduced in the first issue but no new members and the only new character introduced (and only appearing in 3 frames) is the son of Admiral Allon, Gim (a.k.a. Colossal Boy). It’s nice to see more than the real brief origin always noted but this issue is getting a bit wordy and drawn out. I hope they don’t stretch it out than needed.

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