Sony Dropped the Ball

Sony really dropped the ball today. It was supposed to be the release day of their new Everquest II expansion, Age of Discovery. The expansion is probably one of the most looked forward to given that it heralded the return of the BeastLords. They took down the servers in the wee hours this morning to start the updates for the release. As time went on, people wondered that was happening. Late in the day the servers were still locked. Then, later on, when people tried to log in, they were receiving messages that they weren’t subscribed to the service. Thankfully, that message went away and people can log in but the servers are still down and they are supposedly going to try again tomorrow to do the release. I really hope that they get it right this time. There will definitely be a lot of eyes watching. I wonder how many people took today off just so they could play on release day. Oops!

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