Weekly Comic Review for 8/22/12

I realized when I went and got my comics yesterday that I forgot to do my last review. Oops. Guess I’ve been busy but here I am.

Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan #1 of 4 – This is one of the more interesting first issues of the “Before Watchmen” line. We see the origin of Dr. Manhattan… or do we? It’s interesting see the boring and analytical old self that Dr. Manhattan used to be. It’s interesting watch him play around with probabilities of what might be. The real interesting part is when he plays around with his own history. What happens when you stop yourself from becoming your future self? Guess we find out next issue.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #12 – It’s the New Guardians vs. Invictus. And as the battle ends, the team decided they have had enough of Sayd playing with their lives and the lives of the lanterns who died to bring them together. As we move into the 0 issue, we get the origin of a new team. It should be interesting to see who comes together to work with Kyle Rayner now.

Hero Worship #2 – Adam follows Zenith back to the Zenith Foundation where he gets an opportunity to explore his powers. It turns out he’s about as powerful but no one understands why. We also get to see more of Zenith and find out that while he’s a hero, he’s not as great a person as he’s made out to be. It’s all about how the media shows it and how the writers prompt him to be act just right for the cameras. And soon, it’ll be Adam’s turn at it.

Teen Titans #12 – Robin and Superboy manage to take down the rogue Wonder Girl just in time for someone named Diesel to come in and steel the armor. Now she wants the armor back because if she’s not the one wearing it, the world ends. Ummm…. yeah. The original battle scene is kinda interesting but the rest just seems to be all about more questions. And then there’s the backup story that’s a bookend for the last issue. It seems like just a way to get people to buy another title. Next issue is the origin of Red Robin.

There’s only 4 comics but the top 3 are easy to pick. Teen Titans is obviously the low end. Even Avatar’s Hero Worship is well above the quality level of the New 52 title.

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