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Between a very busy week and a bigger than usual comic pull this week, I’m behind even more than usual as tomorrow is the new books. So, I guess I better get on with this…

Adventure Comics #523 – I really hate the recent trend of starting a series with issue #1 and then eventually renumbering it as if the original series had never been canceled. I’d rather respect the fact that the new series is holding strong. Now, with that out of the way, let’s talk about the actual comic. This issue’s feature is the Legion Academy. It’s fun to see a little more about the new characters there, especially the hunky Gravity Lad. With his buzzed head, hairy chest, and treasure trail exposed in a costume reminiscent of Mike Grell’s Cosmic Boy costume, I’m sure a lot of people will be checking this character out. I really want to see more about him. Sadly, this book is more about Dragonwing, Chemical Kid, and new character, Glorith. I’m really not sure why they created a new character with the same name as an old Legion villain. I guess we’ll just have to see what comes of this character. I’m not real interested in seeing what comes of the other two. They are the troublemakers of the academy and really don’t interest me. Comet Queen is becoming even more annoying than she was back in the old Legion series if that’s possible. Variable Lad is about the only other one that I want to learn more about. It’s good to see cameos of Power Boy and Lamprey, long time members of the academy. It makes me wonder if any of the other old characters will show, like Nightwind and Crystal Kid who were around back in the old series too. I hope they stick with the Legion Academy for a while in this title and flesh out these characters some more. I’m really glad to see the old Legion timeline back again.

Birds of Prey #9 – Girl power at it’s best. This book pulls together some of the best female characters without solo books and puts them together smoothly. And yes, I haven’t forgotten Hawk. It’s really great to see him back. I’m really hoping to see Hawk and Dove get their own title again. I was a big fan the first time around. The current storyline with the Calculator really keeps you guessing. Creote and Savant make interesting wildcards and you try to figure out what’s going on. They’ve written it well so that they could be playing either side of the line tho I believe they will back Oracle’s team. The chemistry between all the people in the book is great how they back each other like a family. I hope things keep up on this.

DC Universe Legacies #9 – This book is sort of a history of the DC universe through the eyes of an ex-policeman. He’s telling a tale to someone but that person has yet to be revealed. This issue follows Hal Jordan from his transformation into Parallax through his actions in Final Night and then to his redemption as he becomes the host for the Spectre. There’s no real new story other than that of the policeman as you see what was going on in his life through each of these periods. Not a bad story though and a fun refresher.

Flash #9 – The book starts off with the appearance of a speedster on a motorcycle. Then we go to the death of an old man in a costume much like Elongated Man’s old uniform. (I always love when they introduce someone in their death. *yawn* Hard to care too much about a character’s that’s dead already.) Barry does the same old “running late/can’t make it again” to a family reuniion thing that’s become beyond cliche. (I think this is part of the reason I liked Wally better in the Flash title. Heck, even Bart’s series was better. I guess I can’t really get into Barry as much.) Finally, we get to see who this cycle speedster is and it’s not much of a shocker really. I hope the story line they’ve built up gets better or I’ll be saving $2.99 soon.

Green Hornet #13 – This issue continues the Santa Muerte storyline. I really can’t wait to see how that skeleton is moving around. I’m enjoying the playfulness between Brit and Mulan. I’m not sure what to make of the revelation that Mulan isn’t into girls though. I don’t know if that was planned as a way to play with Brit or if the new writer is shying away from the gay theme. If it’s the latter, I’m severely disappointed. Overall, the comic is still quite enjoyable.

Green Lantern: Emeral Warriors #7 – Let me preface by saying that I’ve never been a big Guy Gardner fan. I mainly picked this up as it carried the Brightest Day logo and thought it would be more connected. It seems an interesting enough storyline and I’m sure if I liked Guy, I’d enjoy it a lot more. It’s good to see Kilowog though I couldn’t care either way about Arisia. Although I’ll probably end up dropping this title, I’d say it’s probably good for those Gardner fans out there… or at least those who don’t hate him as much as me.

Heroes For Hire #3 – Moon Knight, Iron Fist, Paladin, and a… dinosaur? Yeah, this title is still interesting with it’s list of heroes on call for Misty Knight. Paladin keeps working to find out what’s really going on as Misty stays under the Puppet Master’s control. I can’t wait to see how this plays out and where things go with the random line-up each issue. This is looking good so far.

Invaders Now! #5 – Issue number 5 of 5 means no more Invaders for now. I’ve always been a big fan of the Invaders back in their original series. I’m not a fan of Spitfire as a vampire, but I’ll deal with it to see the old team together. I really hope to see more of the group. As for this issue? The guys save the day. Not much more to expect out of the last issue of a mini-series. It is an interesting tale though.

Justice League: Generation Lost #19 – The cover says it all. Max shoots yet another Blue Beetle. Despite the group pose at the end of last issue, Power Girl doesn’t stick around to join the fight though. The rest of the reformed JLI fight their way to find Max still. (Sure is taking them long enough!) Hopefully Jaime will be ok after this issue, but only time will tell. I just find it interesting that you see Max shoot BB on the left side of the head but then the next time you see him, that side of his mask is fine and the blood is coming out of the other side. Oops?

Power Man and Iron Fist #1 – I think I should have stuck with just one Iron Fist appearance this month. I’d never seen this new Power Man before so I thought maybe this was a new look for Luke. I’m not impressed by the cliche “I’m a young hero who knows everything” attitude of the new Power Man. (Should be Power Kid or something. He’s got a while before he’s at “Man” status.) As much as I like Iron Fist, I won’t be picking up any more issues of this mini-series.

Red Robin #20 – This issue ties in with the video call at the end of the last issue of Teen Titans and works on into the next one. With a cameo appearance by Catman, it was definitely a book to pick up. It’s good to see Tim reunite with his old teammates. I’d really rather see him back on the team instead of Damien. Also appearing this issue is the Calculator. I guess they aren’t keeping him busy enough over in Birds of Prey. I’m sure the Teen Titans will keep the action up for him though.

Secret Warriors #24 – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I really hate when they introduce characters to die in the issue they first appear in. This seems to be the theme of this title. I started the book because I liked the original cast. Lately, they don’t seem to be appearing as much and issue keep filling up with stories about others of Nick Fury’s teams. I hope they get on path again and stop killing everyone off. It’s a good book but it’s getting frustrated.

Thunderstrike #3 – Half way though the mini-series means there’s still two issues left for him to get rid of that ugly hair-don’t. I’m guessing Kevin will end up looking like he did in the M2 series. It would be interesting to see if they do start leading him the way of that universe. It’s a cute series right now and I’d like to see the character mix in with some of the other young heroes. Maybe even the Young Avengers. (They really need their book back!) Overall, it’s not a bad series so far though not great either. It’s an interesting read though.

Titans #32 – Osiris vs. Captain Marvel. One of the Titans leaves. Overall, this issue didn’t go where I expected it to and I’m happy to say that. I like a little surprise. I’m not hoping to see the title stick around long. This isn’t a super-villain group I can see having the bonds to stay together too well. I want to see Roy pull himself together before it does end. It’s definitely enjoyable so far with everything going on including Ray Palmer’s hunt for the truth about the disappearance of Ryan Cho. I can’t wait to see what happens next issue.

Lots to pick from this week. Some definite good reading. It’s tough but here are my top three this week: Adventure Comics, Heroes for Hire, and Titans. Pick them up, check them out, and come back here. I’ve got a few things I’ve been trying to find the time to get down here so hopefully I’ll get some more posts out soon.

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