Young Justice and Other Friday Fun

It’s a few weeks into the show and the Young Justice show on Cartoon Network is quite enjoyable. The cast choice was a but interesting, coming off as a mix of the comic versions of Young Justice and the Teen Titans. The show starts off with Robin (Dick Grayson, not Tim Drake), Kid Flash (Wally West instead of Bart Allen as Impulse or even his later Kid Flash identity), Aqualad (based on the new one from Brightest Day thought neither of the comic versions were connected to YJ), and Speedy (Toy Harper) being invited into the Justice League. Speedy quickly leaves when the 4 sidekicks are left behind by the senior members and the remaining 3 end up taking off on a mission of their own where Superboy is discovered. He joins the 3 heroes who escape Cadmus and end up meeting up with the JLA. The group is offered a chance to work as a backup group to the JLA under Batman’s control. Like in the comics, Red Tornado is their mentor. Black Canary is also included in as a trainer for the group and Miss Martian is added to the team (though in this series, she’s Martian Manhunter’s niece and therefore a green Martian instead of a white one.) A couple episodes in, we start to see the hint of new character Artemis (who seems to be based off of Arrowette who was part of the original group). Already, the team has taken on T.O. Morrow and Professor Ivo with Amazo. This looks like it’s going to be interesting as long as you don’t expect it to stay too tight to the original series.

Along with this show are continuing shows Ben Ten: Ultimate Alien and Generator Rex. After a few seasons and a few name changed from the original Ben Ten series, the show still seem interesting even with a feel that younger than the previously mentioned Young Justice. I’m hoping to see them mix things up a little for a change and maybe show a few new transformations and ultimate versions as well as maybe something new in terms of cast. Generator Rex is on its second season as Rex tries to get a hold on some of his new abilities as he continues to fight Evos. It should be interesting to see how they grow this season and expand on the characters. I’m really hoping to see more of Six as there has to be some interesting stories in his past.

The fourth series which rounds out the Friday line-up is one based on Star Wars tho I’m not a real big fan of that so have never actually watched it. The other three make for a fun night though and are enjoyable to keep up with.

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