Weekly Comics Review for 5/15/13

More catching up…

Bloodshot #11 – Harbinger Wars tie-in – If we thought Bloodshot’s history of capturing the Harbinger kids was bad, we didn’t realize how nasty he was. With Harada showing up, a whole new level of his programming kicks in as he moves on with vigilance that couldn’t happen without the pressure of the nanites. He almost takes Harada down too (and would have if not for Harada’s ruthlessness), but at least Bloodshot’s crew escapes. This whole storyline is getting interesting.

Green Hornet #2 – The story continues the growth of the original Green Hornet as he works on cementing himself at the bad guy of the city. Plus, he get another person to help him out. (It’s by intimidation, not true willingness, but you take what you can get.) Personally, I like the modern version better.

Green Hornet Legacy #36 – And speaking of the other series… In the aftermath of all the recent stuff, Britt takes a break from adventuring and decides to help people as himself instead. This doesn’t last long though as he can’t stay away from saving people. The problem is that the people he’s saved and those he’s saved people from are coming back as the world’s most recent favorite… zombies. This title is getting weirder and weirder.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #2 – the battle with Adora and the army of Hordak continues. Teela knows Adora but only as an “imaginary friend”. Those left of the Masters gather to decide what to do… and to make fun of Mechaneck. Nothing too exciting so far. With enough other books to pick up, this one may not make the cut.

JSA Liberty Files: Whistling Skull #6 of 6 – And the mini-series is finally done. The Skull takes down Herr Hellman (his own version of the Red Skull) which frees the others. It’s just “End Book One” though with “Clock” (Hourman) and “Owl” (Doctor Mid-Nite) hanging out. (“Cat” a.k.a. Wildcat is dead though. I’m guessing this is an Elseworld style series tho.) I don’t think I’ll be interested in another incarnation of this series though.

Legion of Super-Heroes #20 – Tinya’s crew is still in trouble on the giant’s chest (a giant controlled by Tharok somehow). Glorith and crew go to see the Black Witch and end up fighting Validus. Persuader takes on another group of Legionnaires. Overall, the Legion is proving to be quite lame lately. They used to be a lot more coordinated but they are just poorly written right now.

Nightwing #20 – The Prankster is having his way with Chicago and Nightwing can’t even get control over his living situation. So, Dick decides to hit the street and get his butt kicked by the Prankster. With all his experience, he gets caught pretty easily by the noob. Yeah, this is probably getting dropped soon.

Wow. I just looked at the list this week. There’s good weeks and bad weeks and this is definitely a bad one. I’d recommend Bloodshot and maybe the Green Hornet titles. That’s the best I can give you this time around.

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