Weekly Comic Review for 4/27/11

OK. I’m finally getting to this. It’s a long list so here we go…

Age of X Universe #2 – Yes, it’s part 2 of a story that shouldn’t even be happening given the background shown in the other book. On top of everything else, you find out that it is “998 days ago”. The Avengers learn mutants aren’t so bad… just in time to die. (Like it matters at this point.) The better story (which still shouldn’t happen) was the back-up Dr. Strange story. Despite the art, it’s not bad.

Batman Incorporated #5 – Toss The Hood into the mix of already too many characters (and I’m not sure why he was even there) and bring this three part story to somewhat of a close. As far as we know, El Gaucho does not become a Batman but in the last couple pages, we find out someone in an African nation does. Supposedly, this leads up to the “Batman Inc World Tour.” I think I’ll be skipping the passport and staying on home ground for this tour as I don’t plan on picking up issue #6. I’ve never been a big Batman fan but I had hopes this series might have been interesting.

Brightest Day #24 – The story finally comes to an end in an extra length issue. We finally get to see Captain Boomerang throw the dark boomerang and have his life returned. Screw up that he is, Hawk doesn’t catch the boomerang (though he does try) which means he has complications ahead. Someone had to though and our hero is Deadman… who catches it with his chest. (I can think of better ways to do it.) His death leads to the returned live of Alec Hollans who becomes the Swamp Thing for real this time. Deadman’s a ghost again and Aquaman, Firestorm, Martian Manhunter, and Hawkman are turned back from elements to their human forms again. Yes, just Hawkman. We don’t know what happened to Hawkwoman but I hope Hawkman gets a series back. Maybe even Firestorm too tho only if we get rid of whiny Jason. We will have to see where it all leads to now.

Flash #11 – The road to Flashpoint continues. Barry’s family and friends hold an intervention to tell him he’s a major ass. Then it’s Barry vs. Hot Pursuit to save Bart. And we find out who is behind the agings that have been going on, Professor Zoom. (Actually, I prefer the Hunter Zolomon Zoom.) If it wasn’t for wondering what the Flashoint thing is all about, I’d have dropped this by now.

Green Arrow #11 – Remember that battle with the Demon? Thankfully, it finally ends. Green Arrow grabs Galahad’s sword and it turns into a bow which he uses to take down Etrigan. Where does this leave the forest? I’m not really sure after the last page as it’s kind of vague. Is that a force field? Guess I’ll have ot wait and see.

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #9 – War of the Green Lanterns part 6 – Earth’s “Green” Lanterns escape a killer Mogo and work their way through the center of Oa to the centreal power battery. Part way through, they split ranks and go in 2 directions only to have Hal and Guy get attacked by the possessed Guardians. Guess we’ll find out what happens next chapter.

Justice League: Generation Lost #24 – It’s and extra length issue for the final battle as Blue Beetle find the weakness of the super OMAC. Max is finally stopped at Captain Atom forces him to make everyone remember him. Max repents online (what’s he got up his sleeve?) and leads into a new JLI title coming up. It might have potential.

Justice Society of America #50 – It’s another extra length issue as the title hits #50. Flash has flashbacks and a new version of Degaton goes around taking out alternate versions of himself. The new Degaton seems like he might be interesting. The bald redheaded daddy look doesn’t hurt though. Plus, we find out the one new character is the Red Beetle after all (and get a secret identity) as well as find out another is Darknight. No other clues on who these characters are though or where they came from.

Mighty Thor #1 – Thor and Sif go after a seed of the World Tree as the story leads up to the coming of the Silver Surfer and Galactus. I wasn’t impressed by the art or the story. I’ve been a Thor fan on and off tho I hadn’t read any of the resent series. I guess I picked a bad time to pick the book up again.

New Mutants #24 – Age of X chapter 6 – It’s the end of the fake world as “Moira” send a whole army to attack the X-Men. Legion saves the day by reabsorbing the personality into himself and putting reality back. There’s a little fun as the memories come back real slowly and people are stuck with some of the memories of the old world.

Secret Avengers #12 – The secret history of John Steele comes out and he turns around to a good guy again. (At least as far as we know right now.)

Secret Avengers #12.1 – It’s one of the stand-alone .1 issues that Marvel is (annoyingly) doing. The issue seems kinda preachy about using bad guys to get information for the good guys. Someone new (we don’t know who it actually is) is wearing the USAgent costume to cause trouble that the Secret Avengers have to try to lessen (and fail). This is supposed to be a good example of the title and a jumping on point?

Thunderstrike #5 – Thor hops in to help Thunderstrike and the Avengers take down Mangog. Kevin goes on and on about his father to Thor. He’s like a little brat. Still, I’d like to see more of the new Thunderstrike.

True Blood: Tainted Love #3 – Sookie get help from Eric while the others chase down Jessica who is going wild still.

Venom #2 – I thought I’d give the title one more try. It’s Venom vs Kraven as Peter comforts Betty. Interesting story as Flash gets separated from the suit (Really? Because of bats?) but it comes back. It’s not terrible but it’s nothing great either. I don’t see myself picking this up more.

OK. Finally made it through the pile. It’s time for my top 3 for this week. I’ll give my votes to Brightest Day, Justice League: Generation Lost, and Thunderstrike. (It’s interesting that they are all last issues to limited series.) Now, it’s off to bed so I can get up and hit Free Comic Day before going to work tomorrow. Go out and see that the companies are giving out this year.

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