Weekly Comic Review for 7/22/15

Cyborg #1 – I’m still not happy with the whole start of the story stays in the back of a random second issue of a mini-series. Victor goes to his father’s lab to show him what happened to him. Of source, Silas an T.O. Morrow treat him like a new toy and not a person. Sarah is the only one who treats him like a person. Despite the more human look, what appears to be skin transforms like any of his other mechanical parts. That’s about all that happens with Cyborg. There’s also a subplot about some sort of techno-alien war that I’m sure is going to fit into some future storyline but doesn’t make much sense yet. It’s a very slow start, one I won’t follow into a second issue.

Flash #42 – The escapees, including Barry’s father, break into a warehouse to steal equipment but Zoom shows up to make Barry’s father look like a killer. He’s really plotting something. After they separate, Barry tracks down Girder but won’t believe his father actually wanted to escape. Major denial even though all the signs were pretty obvious. But then Zoom goes to Flash and leads him to more of a set-up. No clue what he’s planning so it’s good writing so far on that front.

Marvel Zombies #2 – Elsa, with the mystery kid in tow, continues to try to find a way out of the zombie lands. We see them deal with MODOK, but a zombie Carnage is really creepy. Rescue comes in the form of Angel though who takes the kid and says he’ll come back for Elsa. The only problem is that it turns out not to be Angel but a zombie Mystique. Elsa tracks them down but fiends Deadpool chained up with the top of his skull cut off. I guess he makes a nice snack with all his regeneration. Mixed in with all of this are more flashbacks with Elsa and her father which actually seem to make the issue drag more than help it.

Teen Titans #10 – We have even more fighting between the 2 teams over Superboy. Power girl is annoying more than most. Raven and Robin go to catch Manchester Black to see what’s really going on and Raven find some really fucked up stuff in his head. Sadly, that was about the only really interesting part of the book and it was the last 2 pages.

We Are Robin #2 – The group escapes the underground and Duke ends up joining the team so they can find and deactivate a bunch of bombs. I really want to learn more about the team other than this one character. I wonder how long it will be until there is development on the other Robins.

There are only 5 comics so I’m giving myself a break and just picking a top 2. Those are Flash and Marvel Zombies. With the weeks having fewer books, it’s been hard to stick with a Top 3 list.

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